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Military Personnel Information

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

Army Emergency Relief, Schofield Barracks, Bldg. 2091, Wheeler Army Airfield
Phone; (808) 655- 2400, Fax: (808) 655-1620
Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
After Duty Hours call Pearl Harbor Red Cross, 471-3155/3536

Army Emergency Relief operates under the provisions of AR 930-4 and written policy memo. Applications for loans and grants will be accepted from soldiers, active duty and retired and their family members who are experiencing an emergency financial need.

All applications are formally processed on DA Form 1103. Soldiers assigned to a unit in USARPAC shall begin processing the application through the unit commander. Family members without sponsors on Oahu should have a power of attorney or obtain the sponsor’s authorization through the unit commander or Red Cross.

Soldiers on leave or TDY in Hawaii should go directly to the AER office for application guidance. DA Form 1103 may be obtained from the AER office, ACS Centers, Red Cross offices, 25th Infantry Division Operations Center and the USASCH Staff Duty Officer.

Categories of authorized emergency financial assistance include the following: Nonreceipt of pay (pay due and not received); loss of pay (limited to basic needs to prevent privations medical, dental and hospital expense when treatment is medically required and not elective; funeral expense incurred for family members, and assistance also may be given to the soldier when he or she is required to share expenses for a parent of the Army member or spouse; emergency travel due to critical illness or death of immediate family member, rent; food, utilities (to prevent termination of electricity, water or gas); essential POV repair of insurance; fire or other disaster.

Categories not authorized for financial assistance include the following: divorces, marriages; education (tuition, room and board, books and supplies), rental, lease or purchase of new/old vehicles, ordinary leave or vacation; travel of non-command sponsored dependents from CONUS to overseas commands, liquidation or consolidation of outstanding debts; business ventures; maintenance of standard of living; civilian court fees, fines, judgments, liens, bail and legal fees; income taxes; continuing assistance; abortion; or funds to replace those overdrawn from the bank account,

After hours/weekend assistance is available for Emergency Travel only, through American Red Cross. The applicant will bring their application with all supporting documents and signatures to the American Red Cross, Makalapa Gate, Pearl Harbor. The ARC caseworker will contact the AER Officer telephonically and obtain approval/disapproval. If approved, funds will be provided on behalf of AER.

There may be other valid causes for obtaining emergency financial assistance. If there is a question whether assistance is within the regulation, the Unit Commander or 1SG may telephone the AER Section for more information.

All soldiers have the right to submit an application for assistance. The approval or disapproval of the application will be made by the AER Officer or Alternate AER Officer. The AER chain of command will be used to process exceptions to policy. Loans shall be repaid by allotment to Headquarters, AER, and may not be cancelled without prior written authorization from AER.


Military personnel are enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) when they enter active duty. However, to enroll family members there must be legal documentation presented. Active Duty personnel can update the status of family members by presenting such legal documents as marriage certificates, birth certificates or adoption papers at their local Military Personnel Office. If this is not done, family members may be denied health benefits other than emergency care. It is important to enroll newborns on DEERS as soon as possible after birth. If you have any questions about DEERS call (808) 433-9166.

Fisher House

The Fisher House is intended for use by out-of-town families of active-duty personnel who are hospitalized or have family members in the hospital due to severe injury or illness. For complete eligibility guidelines, please call the house. Eligibility is determined by Social Work. The service charge is $10 per night. Call the Fisher House Manager for more information at (808) 433-1291/2/3.

Guest House

Front desk located in Bldg. 228.  Military ID and/ or Orders required. Units available with priority to TDY military, very seriously ill patients and PCS military. Rooms are offered on a space available basis.  People may call the day prior to arriving for a room.  The front desk is open 24 hours a day.  Service charge per night for extra occupants is $6 per person (3 years and older) and rooms are $50 a night. Telephone (808) 839-2336.

Liaison Offices

Patient personnel of the other Armed Services may obtain assistance through their respective liaison offices. They are all located on the first floor, B-Wing. Telephone numbers are as follows:  

  Air Force Liaison (808) 433-6775 or (808) 433-4775
  Coast Guard Liaison (808) 433-6028 or (808) 541-2405
  Marine Corps Liaison (808) 433-6614
  Navy Liaison (808) 433-6611
  25th Infantry Division Liaison (808) 433-6789
  Disabled American Veterans Room IAIO2, A wing: (808) 433-2477

All other active duty Army personnel will be handled through Tripler.

Medical Evaluation Board: MED

Active Duty military personnel may obtain further information by calling the Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO) at (808)433-2539.

Medical Hold/Subsisting Elsewhere: SEW

Inpatient Active duty military awaiting a medical board or continuing in a rehabilitative program may be granted either a status of medical hold (if living in the barracks) or subsisting elsewhere (if residing off-post)- While in this status a patient can be assigned a job at Tripler to be performed not in conflict with treatment. The point of contact is the 1SG Montoya at, (808)433-1168/1169/1170.

Sick Call

The Individual Sick Slip is issued by the unit to a soldier who requests medical or dental treatment at an Army Medical Treatment Facility. The slip is a means of communication between the attending Army Medical Department (AMEDD) personnel and the soldier’s unit commander. Examples are: To assign a temporary profile, not to exceed 30 days, under AR 40-501, Chapter 9. To furnish information concerning height and weight, as required in AR 600-9. To communicate to a patient’s commander any limitations when DA Form 3349 (Physical Profile Board Proceedings Medical Condition Physical Profile Record) is inappropriate. The Individual Sick Slip is prepared in duplicate and hand carried by the patient or the patient’s escort, When completed, the original copy is given to the patient and the duplicate is maintained by the patient’s commander. Commanders may destroy an Individual Sick Slip when a temporary profile or quarters status has terminated.

Active duty soldiers assigned to units at Fort Shatter and Fort DeRussy will be seen in the Adult Medicine Clinic, third floor, H-wing. Sick call hours are from 7:15 to 8:15 a.m. For routine appointments please call 433-2778. Sick call is primarily for acute illnesses/injuries that might prevent soldiers from performing their assigned duties, Chronic health problems, profile renewal, and medication refills should not be seen at sick call. Soldiers should report in duty uniform, hand carry their medical records, and have a DD Form 689 (sick call slip) from their unit.

Active Duty Military Personnel are bound by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. All soldiers under PCS, Retirement, Separation from Active Duty, or otherwise permanently departing United States Army Pacific Command are required to clear with the AER Section.