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Tripler Guide 2013

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Incoming Personnel

Aloha, and Welcome to Tripler Army Medical Center

General Information

Wonderful greens, blues and different hues surround you daily in America's paradise. Smoky volcanoes, and clear, blue seas. Rainbows of indescribable, breathtaking colors.  You'll surely want to have your camera 'on the ready' to capture each breathtaking moment.  Join in on luau's (Pronounced: Lou-Ows), and share in the rich culture that is Hawaii.  Walk on the beautiful beaches and see the inviting ocean catch fire as the sun sinks below the horizon. View crystal clear stars, shining proudly at night, guiding your way.  Did you say you have Smog where you come from?  Not here, we have fresh and clean island breezes that wash away those impurities.  Have I enticed you enough?  Below are a few pictures of Beautiful Hawaii (Pronounced: Ha Vie Ee).

hawaii1.jpg (6703 bytes) hawaii3.jpg (11283 bytes) hawaii2.jpg (6616 bytes)

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Every inbound soldier needs a sponsor. Moving to another duty station can be a fairly confusing process, and a sponsor can help alleviate a lot of concerns you might have. When you go to your initial out-processing briefing, the Personnel Center should ask you to fill out a Request for Sponsorship Card. If they do not, you should mention it to them.

Once we're notified that you will be coming to Tripler AMC, we will send out a notice to the appropriate department requesting a sponsor, if we are able to locate you in AKO we will also send you a welcome e-mail that we will use to request a valid US postal mailing address so we can send a welcome packet. This contains very useful information, such as maps, local information, and a lot of what you are seeing on these web pages. You should hear back from your sponsor with a phone number to contact him or her. Use it!

Plan accordingly, and keep in constant touch with your sponsor since he/she will be the one at the airport to give you a ride to Tripler and assist you with getting settled. Tripler Army Medical Center prides itself on its Sponsorship Program, and we know that you will too. You can also contact the Troop Command sponsorship coordinator at 808-433-9160 if you have questions or need further assistance.

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Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

Upon arrival at the Honolulu National Airport you will need to collect your bags and hopefully (If you and your sponsor have kept in contact), your sponsor will be waiting for you to take you to sign in at Tripler. If, for any reason, your sponsor isn't there for you, you should go directly to the USO or Army liaison desk located in the baggage claim G area; they can assist with reaching the Staff Duty NCO and/or the Sponsorship Coordinator. Staff Duty may be reached at (808) 433-6661/6662. If it's during the duty hours of 0800 hours to 1530 hours, you will need to contact the TAMC Sponsorship Coordinator at (808) 433-9160/5731. They will get a hold of your sponsor or quickly assign one for you and send them out your way to help get you started.


Read the TLA information handout to help you prepare financially for this move and see how TLA will apply to you specifically.
If you are unable to open this file type please contact the TAMC Sponsorship coordinator for a different file type. (808) 433-9160.

TLA Tri-fold

TLA is paid out in 10 day increments; TLA does not begin until AFTER you have reported in to the unit and signed in (off your DA31).

TLA will is paid until AFTER the completion of the 10 days; some hotels do offer a promissory note program so that you can defer payment until after you receive your TLA, you will need to confirm in advance if your hotel offers that.

Ensure you are staying in a TLA approved hotel; for Soldiers who are assigned to Oahu North, please remember to check for availability at Schofield Lodging or obtain a certificate of non-availability. Oahu South does not require a certificate of non-availability to stay in off post lodging.

The TLA approved list is extensive here are a couple of areas to get you started, but for a current list of all hotels please contact the housing offices North: (808) 655/3073/3076/3080; South (808) 438-6198/3820 or the TAMC sponsorship coordinator at (808) 433-9160:

Tripler Guest House: (808) 839-2336

Inn at Schofield Barracks: Toll Free 1-800-490-9638, DSN 315-455-5036, Commercial:(808) 624-9650

Take a "Virtual Tour" of the Inn at Schofield Barracks.

Hale Koa Hotel: (808) 955-0555 or 1-800-367-6027 (between 8 am and 4 pm Hawaii time, daily except for Federal holidays)

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Housing Information

If you're a single soldier on post housing information will not apply to you; certain Soldiers are authorized off post housing, but please confirm before making any obligations on temporary or long term housing.

Housing can be difficult. We all go through the hassles of finding a suitable place to live. The Hawaii Army Family Housing office is currently experiencing a shortage of housing due to the construction of new homes. You're taking an important first step here in helping to make the process easier on you and your family.

As soon as go to the housing link (Island Palm Communities) in order to fill out an application and get started in the housing process. Follow the directions on the website and after submitting you will hear back from a leasing consultant who will assist you with the housing process from the beginning to the end. Be warned that housing lists are sometimes six months or more of waiting. Other times, it is possible to get lucky and snag a house that someone else has turned down for whatever reason. Housing availability is based on a number of factors, such as your rank, family size, and when you were placed on the housing waiting list. The Island Palm Communities have two locations on Oahu North (for Schofield) and South (for Tripler)

Island Palm Communities Leasing Office North
215 Duck Road, Building 950 Schofield Barracks, HI 96857
Tel 877-487-4323 Fax 808-275-3729 �
Hours of Operation
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Island Palm Communities Leasing Office South Region Office
Building 1004 Ft Shafter
Tel 888-939-3346
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For those who are interested in looking for Off-Post housing you can try the following link:

There is no requirement to live in Army housing. Both Naval and Air Force housing are also options for families moving on island who want to look for something different, try to avoid longer waits, or find amenities in the other housing that they would prefer. For more information on either Naval or Air Force housing please contact the Troop Command Sponsorship Coordinator at 808-433-9160.



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Household Goods

How Long Will It Take My Household Goods To Arrive?

As soon as you've found a place to live, either on-base or off-base, you are going to want to claim your household goods. Be aware that your Hold Baggage will arrive earlier, typically 1 to 2 weeks earlier than your household goods.

You will want to contact the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO) at the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Pearl Harbor. They maintain a 24 hour Voice Response System to help you claim your property. Their number is: (808) 473-7760. If your property is in, this system will connect you to a Shipping Specialist who will give you a briefing, and arrange for a delivery date. Of particular note: The movers are required, if desired, to unpack and setup your household goods. This is important to remember. Also, during the briefing, ensure you have the number to the shipping manager, who will drive out to your site and supervise the movers if there are any problems.

Keep in mind the following average time-frames for shipping and receiving your household goods:

If shipping from the West Coast, your property should arrive in Hawaii within 45 days.

If shipping from Central U.S., your property should arrive in Hawaii within 50 days.

If shipping from the East Coast, your property should arrive within 55 to 60 days.

These are averages and not absolutes, but they are a generally good guideline to follow when planning your move.

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Automobile Information

Where Do I Pick Up My Auto?

Your auto will be sent to Sand Island (Off Nimitz Highway). You should call the 24 hour line: (808) 848-8383 to get information on whether your auto has arrived. Have your DD Form 788 (Shipping Documents) when you call and when you go to pick it up.

The type of auto insurance over here is called "No-Fault", and is required for everyone operating their auto. No vehicle can be driven on the roads of Hawaii without it. It's best to get this insurance immediately.

All vehicles have to be registered on Base within 72 hours of arrival. You must have your registration, ID Card, a safety inspection, and proof of Hawaii's No-Fault Insurance. Your auto has to be registered with the Hawaii DMV within 10 days from the time you picked up your vehicle.

If you are a resident of another state, you do not have to pay the weight tax. You will need to get a waiver form from either the Military Personnel Division or the S-1 Office. This form is called a DF-L-50. Most times, it only costs about $10 dollars to register your car with the DMV.

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Dogs and cats that are brought into Hawaii are subject to rabies quarantine.

Hawaii is a rabies free state. Hawaii's quarantine law is designed to protect residents and pets from potentially serious health problems associated with the presence and spread of rabies. Success of the quarantine program is dependent on maintaining isolation of your pet from other animals for the required quarantine period.

Importation of dogs, cats and other carnivores into Hawaii is governed by Chapter 4-29 of the State of Hawaii, Department of Agriculture Administrative Rules. This law says that these animals are required to complete a 120-day confinement in the State Animal Quarantine Station. If specific pre-arrival and post-arrival requirements are met, animals may qualify for a 30-day quarantine or a new 5-day-or-less quarantine that became effective on June 30, 2003.

Animal Quarantine Station Rabies Information Brochure [aqsbrochure.pdf, Rev. 02/24/04] This brochure contains important information about pre-arrival requirements, quarantine station procedures, policies, rules, operations and fees.

For active duty personnel, the DOD now provides $550 for quarantine fees per family. Please check with your command on how to obtain this allowance.

For more information on animal quarantine or importation of other pets, please go to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture's website at: or you may e-mail at: For information on importing dogs and cats, you may call (808) 483-7151. For information on importing other types of pets, please call (808) 832-0566.

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Public Schools

If you have school-aged children, there are some things you need to know and requirements that will need be met when enrolling your child(ren) into school. Please go to the Hawaiian public school system website to find out all the specifics at:

Their website also has links to necessary forms to help get you started. To avoid unnecessary delays, please carry your children's immunization health records in your personal baggage when you travel.

You can also read up about the McKinney-Vento Act which does apply to those living in hotels/motels due to lack of adequate housing. You can find information on the McKinney-Vento Act from the website listed above or go directly there using this link:

Private Schools

Many good private schools are available in Hawaii, most with a religious affiliation. Tuition rates range from $900 to $7,500+ per year. Some schools with very good reputations are normally filled to capacity for the coming year by the early summer months. If you plan to enroll your child(ren) in a private school, contact should be made with the school(s) as soon as possible upon arrival in Hawaii. Call (808) 655-9818 for a current list of public and private schools on Oahu. A few additional links to look into for private schools are listed below:

The website for the Hawaiian Association of Independent Schools:

Special Education in Private Schools:

Nationwide On-line directory of Private Schools:


There are numerous opportunities for furthering your education here in Hawaii. U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii operates two Education Centers on post, one at Schofield Barracks and one Tripler Army Medical Center. The Education Centers offer classes to further your degree or area of interest to include leadership classes. For more information, visit

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Sponsorship Coordinator: (808)433-9160