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Tripler Guide 2015
Tripler Guide 2015




HAWAII 96859-5000









DATE:  10 February 2012




Section I 






Section II

Tripler Army Medical Center Mission, Vision, Values





Section III






Section IV

Sequence of Events





Section V

Administrative Requirements












Reporting – Unit/Group AT






Reporting – Individual (AI/IRR)






On-Line Training












Occupational Health






Physical Fitness Testing and Body Composition












Sick Call Procedures






Dental Services






Dining Facility






Uniform and Appearance






Postal Services






RC Finance












Recreational Facilities






Religious Services






Out Processing





Section VI

Personnel Assignments






1.  PURPOSE.  To provide policies, procedures and responsibilities for Reserve Component (RC) units, Individual Augmentees (IA) and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) service members who perform training at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC). 




     a.  TAMC Regulation 350-10, “Training, Professional Training of Individual Members of the Reserve Components”


     b.  AR (Army Regulation) 600-8-101, “Personnel Processing  (In-, Out-, Soldier Readiness, Mobilization and Deployment Processing)”


     c.  AR (Army Regulation) 600-9 / AFI (Air Force Regulation) 10-248  “Weight Control Program”


3.  SCOPE.  This manual is applicable to all Reserve Component Medical Units, Individual Augmentees and Individual Ready Reserve Service members performing duty at Tripler Army Medical Center.


4.  Responsibilities:


     a.  Reserve Component Units. 


          (1)  Units are responsible for all administrative requirements leading up to and during training and must coordinate and arrange travel and lodging requirements.


     b.  Individual Augmentees (IA) and Individual Ready Reserve Service members (IRR).


          (1)  Coordinate with their respective Human Resource Managers for funding, preparation and issuance of military orders.


          (2)  Contact the Office of Reserve Affairs for guidance on travel and lodging requirements.


     c.  Chief, Reserve Affairs. 


          (1)  Assist Unit OIC/NCOIC with AT Planning.


          (2)  Coordinate assignment of service members with receiving TAMC department.


          (3)  Coordinate Credentialing, Security Badges and Computer access.


          (4)  Provide assistance upon arrival, during in processing and departure of units and to individual service members.





Tripler Army Medical Center


Our Mission


Service to our Nation through high quality healthcare






Our Vision


Tripler Army Medical Center is a premier tertiary military health and education center providing safe, high quality care and service to maximize the well-being of all we serve.





1.  Individuals planning on performing Annual Training at Tripler Army Medical Center must review the information found on the Reserve Affairs Section of the TAMC website:


2.  Coordination for training will be conducted through the Chief, Reserve Affairs at the Pacific Regional Medical Command (PRMC) located on Wing 2D at Tripler AMC (808-433-3701).  All RC units will designate an OIC/NCOIC who will serve as POC. 


3.  The following is a list of primary POCs within TAMC:


     a.  Questions about Annual Training, scheduling dates, Personnel Rosters, Assignment Rosters and Individual Training should be addressed to:


Pacific Regional Medical Command

Reserve Affairs Office


1 Jarrett White Road

Tripler AMC, HI  96859-5000

(808) 433-3701           DSN 433-3701


     b.  Department of Nursing Questions/Training


                        Tripler Army Medical Center

                        ATTN:  MCHK-HE-T

1 Jarrett White Road

Tripler AMC, HI  96859-5000

(808) 433-2129           DSN 433-2129


c.  Credentialing


                        Tripler Army Medical Center

                        ATTN:  MCHK-QSS-C

1 Jarrett White Road

Tripler AMC, HI  96859-5000

                        (808) 433-2459           DSN 433-2459





The following is a list of events that are required prior to performance/arrival for annual training at Tripler Army Medical Center.  While this list is intended to provide as much information as possible, it is subject to change and may not be all-inclusive.  The most current information can be found at:


1.  Unit/Group Training:


a.       Units will coordinate with the Office of Reserve Affairs for scheduling annual training dates.


b.      Units are responsible for coordinating lodging and transportation.  Refer to Section V, Paragraphs 8 and 15 for guidance on Transportation and Lodging. 


c.       Unit POCs should submit Annual Training documentation to Chief, Reserve Affairs as outlined on the Unit Suspense List.  All documents can be found on the website. 


d.      Reserve Affairs will coordinate with TAMC Departments for assignments and training.  Assignments and training are based on the Individual Training Objective forms completed by each Service Member; see Section VI, Paragraph 3.


e.       Unit POC coordinates with Credentials Department for privileging as necessary.  See Section V, paragraph 5 for more specific instructions.


f.        When the Unit advance party arrives at Tripler Army Medical Center they should contact the Chief, Reserve Affairs for final coordination.  A final, signed copy of all personnel rosters must be submitted upon arrival of the advance party.


g.       Hospital Orientation/In processing for incoming units is normally conducted on the first Sunday.  Specific instructions on reporting for duty the first day will be given to the unit during in processing.


h.       Each service member whose duties require access to TAMC’s computer network must have a NT account/password.  To be eligible for an NT account/password the service member must have a CURRENT NAC and/or Secret Security Clearance, signed TAMC Form 833, “Request for Network Access” and TAMC Form 835, “Acceptable Use Policy”.  Units will submit a spreadsheet listing security information along with the TAMC Forms 833 and 835 to Reserve Affairs at least 90 days prior to arriving for AT.  Logon ID and Passwords will be issued to service members during in processing. 


i.         Unit and Reserve Affairs will coordinate out-processing/departure requirements.

2.  Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) training:


a.       Service member will coordinate with the Office Reserve Affairs for scheduling annual training dates.


b.      Annual Training for IRR service members is funded by Human Resources – Ft. Knox.  Service members must coordinate their orders with their individual PMOs.  Contact the Office of Reserve Affairs for assistance if necessary.


c.       Service member must coordinate report date, work location and uniform requirements with Chief, Reserve Affairs prior to arrival.   


d.      Service members are responsible to coordinate their own lodging.  See Section V, Paragraph 14 for additional guidance.


e.       Reserve Affairs verifies AT documentation and increment and or specific assignment.


f.        Service Members will complete mandatory training on-line as stated in Section V, paragraph 3 and provide proof to their supervisor when reporting for Annual Training.


g.       Service Member coordinates with Credentials Department for privileging as necessary.


h.       Each service member whose duties require access to TAMC’s computer network must have a NT account/password.  To be eligible for an NT account/password the service member must have a CURRENT NAC and/or Secret Security Clearance, signed TAMC Form 833, “Request for Network Access” and TAMC Form 835, “Acceptable Use Policy”.  Service member will submit the TAMC Forms 833 and 835 to Reserve Affairs at least 60 days prior to arriving for AT.  Logon ID and Passwords will be issued to service members during in processing. 


i.         Service Member and Reserve Affairs will coordinate in/out-processing and departure information.


3.  Individual Augmentees (IA) training:


a.       IA service members should contact 808-433-7036, TAMC HRD, to coordinate their Annual Training Dates.  For additional information, service members should refer to the “Welcome Packet” they received when they were assigned to TAMC.






1.  General:  The Unit OIC/NCOIC is responsible for ensuring all administrative actions for their service members are accomplished prior to and during Annual Training.  Contact the Office of Reserve Affairs for assistance.  


2.  Reporting - Unit/Group AT:


     a.  The Advance Party will contact Office of Reserve Affairs (808-433-3701) upon arrival.


     b.  Final roster of personnel attending AT should be submitted by Advance Party.


3.  Reporting - Individual (IA/IRR)


     a.  Contact the POC listed on Individual Orders prior to arrival.  The POC will provide specific reporting requirements to include:  report DTG, location, and credentialing/MOS requirements.


     b.  Report as directed by Individual Orders.


     c.  The following documents should be available:


          (1)  Individual Orders and amendments – 6 copies


          (2)  Current Physical Fitness Test within the past year.  A valid profile, when applicable will be attached to the APFT record.


          (3)  Financial Institution Routing number for direct deposit of pay.


          (4)  Shot Records


          (5)  Medical Records


          (6)  Military Identification Card


          (7)  Military ID Tags


          (8)  Copy of Marriage Certificate


     d.  IRR & IA service members should complete the following forms prior to arrival at TAMC.  Service members must hand carry these completed documents to HRD at TAMC and Finance, Bldg 215, at Shafter Flats.  Reference website:


          (1)  DA Form 2058 – State of Legal Residence Certificate


          (2)  DA 5960 - Authorization to Start, Stop or Change BAQ


          (3)  SGLV 8286 – Service Member’s Group Life Insurance Election & Certificate


          (4)  DD Form 93 – Record of Emergency Data


          (5)  AHRC Form 3924 – Individual Active Duty Certificate of Performance


          (6)  W-4  - Employee’s withholding Allowance Certificate 


4.  On-Line Training:  IMA and IRR must complete HIPAA Training on line at Military Health System Learning Center at and bring the certificate with you.  Units conducting AT will receive HIPAA training during in processing.


5.  Credentialing:


     a.  If your specialty requires privileges, the Credentialing Office must receive all of your credentialing/licensing information NLT 60 days prior to your report date.  Please contact the Chief, Reserve Affairs if your AT report date is less than 60 days.  Individuals that require credentialing/privileging must have their Practitioners Credentials Files (PCF) or Interfacility Credentials Transfer Brief (ICTB) forwarded to TAMC’s Credentials Office (808-433-2459) in accordance with AR 40-68, Quality Assurance.   All personnel must meet Quality Assurance requirements.   Refer to the Reserve Affairs Website for details.   


     b.  TAMC Credentials Committee and Department OIC’s will determine what privileges will be granted to Health Care Practitioners after reviewing the ICTB/credentials.


     c.  All licensed personnel are required to have their license and BLS/ACLS cards in their possession and available for inspection upon request.


6.  Occupational Health:  Occupational Health is located Oceanside, 7th Floor, Ext 3-6835.  Service members must bring shot records when reporting for duty at TAMC.  Immunizations required:  Rubella, Rubeola, Mumps, Varicella, Diphtheria-Tetanus, Hepatitis B series, Polio (optional) and PPD.  Service members must have a current PPD (within the past 12 months) or bring documentation if they have a history of a “positive” PPD.  Service Members with a positive PPD history must bring a copy of the most recent Chest X-Ray report.


7.  Physical Fitness Testing and Body Composition:  All service members must have a current physical fitness test and must meet Body Composition standards.  If designated on your AT orders, an APFT will be completed as part of your AT.  Unit members are required to take and pass an APFT test semi-annually, IRR service members annually.  IRR service members must bring a copy of their current APFT results, with copies of any profiles, when reporting for duty at TAMC.  AR 600-9 and AFI 10-248 specify standards for Body Composition. 


8.  Transportation:  There is no government transportation available on TAMC.  The local commercial bus system and cab service is available for all reservists to use.  Since shift work schedules often vary between departments units/individuals not housed at Tripler Guest House should make arrangements for transportation.  Information on the local bus system is available at


     a.  Unit transportation from the Honolulu International Airport to TAMC is available and must be coordinated prior to arrival.  After arrival at TAMC, Units are responsible for providing their own means of transportation for unit members.


     b.  A rental car is usually authorized for most IMA and IRR soldiers performing AT at TAMC.  Individual service members should contact their PMO to request rental car authorization on their orders.  Rental cars can be picked up at the Honolulu International Airport.  Ask for a map of Honolulu and directions to TAMC, which is about a 15-minute drive from the airport.  Directions from the airport to TAMC are:


          (1)  Exit airport using the lower exit to Nimitz Highway


          (2)  Turn right onto Nimitz Highway


          (3)  Move to the far left lane and look for a sign for Puuloa Road


          (4)  Take Puuloa Road exit (this will be a left turn)


          (5)  Follow Puuloa Road until you reach TAMC


          (6)  Military ID is required at the gatehouse in order to enter TAMC


9.  Sick Call Procedures:


     a.  General.  All service members reporting for sick call must have a copy of their orders and their military ID on them.  If the service member’s assignment exceeds 30 days, during in processing, you must report to Managed Care to be assigned to a clinic/Primary Care Manager (PCM).  The clinic may be reached at 808-433-6641.


     b.  Normal Duty Hours: Service members will report, in uniform, to the Unit Orderly Room and obtain a DD Form 689 (Sick Call Slip) and their Medical records (if available) prior to 0630, Monday through Friday.  Sick Call is held 0715 – 0815 hours in the Family Practice Clinic for those service members with SSNs ending in an even number.   Service members with SSNs ending in an odd number are seen in the Adult Medicine Clinic.


     c.  After duty hours and emergencies:  Service members should report directly to the Emergency Room, Mountainside, 3H.


     d.  Quarters:  Service members directed to be on quarters should report back to their respective Orderly Room to turn in documents authorizing quarters.  Individual Unit Commanders OICs/NCOICs will be responsible to monitor service members on quarters.  IA/IRR members should report to their assigned supervisor.


10.  Dental Services:  RC service members are not authorized dental care with less than 30 days of active duty unless there is an emergency in the line of duty.  The Dental office is located in Tripler Army Medical Center, 2A.




11.  Dining Facility:


     a.  The Dining Facility is located on Oceanside, 1A.     


     b.  IA and IRR Soldiers drawing Per Diem will pay the ala carte prices for their meals.  Units conducting AT have a choice of giving their members Per Diem and having them pay for their meals or not giving them Per Diem and eating free of charge. Units should advise TAMC’s Nutrition Care Division of Annual Training activities.  See sample memorandum regarding Request for Dining Facility Support. 


e.       Hours of Operation:


Monday - Friday
Weekdays: Breakfast: Self Serve: 0600-0930
Grill: 0600-0815
Grab & Go: 0700-1030

Lunch: Main Line: 1100-1330
Grill: 1100-1300
Self Serve: 1100-1430
Grab & Go: 1100-1330

Dinner: Main Line: 1600-1730
Grab & Go: 1700-2230
Night Grill: 2230-0200

Weekends & Holidays: Breakfast: 0630-0830
Lunch: 1100-1330
Dinner: 1600-1730

After Hour Meals (prior coordination with NCD and/or AOD): Monday-Sunday: 1900-0530


Unit Heading

Office Symbol                                                                                                                              Date


MEMORANDUM FOR Nutrition Care Division, Tripler Army Medical Center, 1 Jarrett White Road, ATTN:  MCHK-NC, Tripler AMC, Hawaii  96859-5000


SUBJECT:  Request for Dining Facility Support


1.  The (unit) will conduct Annual Training with (##) members from DDMMMYYYY to DDMMMYYYY at TAMC. 


2.  Our first meal is (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) on DDMMMYYYY and our last meal is (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) on DDMMMYYYY.


3.  Our Service members (will/will not) be drawing Per Diem. 


4.  POC for this action is (Name, Position, Unit address, Phone, and e-mail).



                                                                                    Signature Block

12.  Uniform and appearance:


     a.  Standards of Appearance will be IAW AR (Army Regulation) 670-1 / AFI (Air Force Regulation) 36-2910.  All service members will maintain a professional appearance while in uniform.  Standard haircuts, styles and jewelry will be in compliance with regulation.  OICs/NCOICs will ensure all service members are in compliance.


     b.  All service members reporting to TAMC will be in compliance with AR (Army  Regulation) 600-9 / AFI (Air Force Regulation) 10-248, height/weight requirements. 


     c.  The ACU/BDU is the accepted uniform while serving on AD at TAMC.  However, individual departments/sections may require a different uniform (whites, surgical scrubs or Class Bs).  Contact the Office of Reserve Affairs for specific information regarding duty uniforms.



     d.  Hospital Security Badges:  All individuals working within TAMC will wear a TAMC Security Badge on their uniforms at all times.  While in BDUs the badge will be worn on the left top pocket.  Placement of the security badge on all other uniforms will be specified by individual departments.  


13.  Postal Services:  TAMCs Post Office is located on the first floor near the Ocean Side front entrance.  Stamps, priority mailing and other postal services are available.


14.  RC Finance:


     a.  All Units will administer service members’ pay.  TAMC is not responsible for TPU annual

training pay.


     b.  Individual service members (IA/IRR) must in and out process at the HRD located on

Tripler at Building 215, 0800-1500   Mon., Wed., Fri.,  (808) 433-7036 and at the 9th RRC at Fort Shafter Flats, Building 1557, room 201, 438-1600, ext 3-3168.


     c.  Advance Pay.  The cost of living in Hawaii is considerably higher than most military

locations.  Service members should contact their PMO to request advance pay if needed. 


15.  Lodging:


     a.  Service members should stay in military billeting that is closest to TAMC.  Preferred living quarters for soldiers performing AT at TAMC is the Guest Lodging (808-839-2336) located across the parking lot from the hospital.  Contact Guest Lodging as soon as your plans for reporting to Tripler are finalized.  If lodging is not available at TAMC Guest Lodging, call Schofield Inn (1-800-490-9638 or (808) 624-9650) at Schofield Barracks (commute time to/from Schofield Barracks is approximately 45 minutes, depending on traffic.)  If lodging is not available at either of the above locations, request a “Statement of Nonavailability”.  Once you have this document you can call a hotel in either Waikiki or Honolulu and request a room.  One popular choice is The Hale Koa (, which is the Armed Forces Recreation Center in Waikiki.


     b.  Some additional options are:


          (1)  Pearl Harbor:  800-Navy-Inn or (808) 421-6113


          (2)  Hickam Air Force Base:  1-888-Af-Lodge or (808)-448-5400


          (3)  Ft. Shafter BOQ:  (808)-438-1685


16.  Recreational Facilities:


     a.  Tripler Fitness Center.  All active duty, retired military, reserve, ARNG, family members, and DoD employees are authorized to utilize the facility.  The fitness center is located at building 300, phone (808) 433-6443.   All military personnel are required to wear the regulated APFT uniform while utilizing the facility between the hours of 0500 – 1700 daily.  Additionally, all active duty and TDY personnel, while wearing the regulated APFT uniform, must wear the safety reflective belt when running on TAMC.  Hours of operation are as indicated below.   All service members must bring their own towel.  No exceptions!



Gymnasium Hours    

Pool Hours



Mon – Thu       0500- 1930 hrs

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 0600 – 0800 Lap Swim

Fri                    0500 – 1800 hrs

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri       1100-1300 hrs, Lap Swim

Sat                   1000-1700 hrs

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri       1300 – 1800 Open Swim

Sun/Hol            Closed

Sat                               1000-1700


Wed, Sun & Holidays   Closed


     b.  Fort Shafter


          (1)  Bowling Center (808) 438-6733


          (2)  Physical Fitness Center:  (808) 438-1152


          (3)  Army Community Theatre:  (808) 438-4480


     17.  Religious Services:


     a.  Worship Services


          (1)  Collective Protestant

AMR Chapel                                        Sunday, 0830 hrs

Tripler Hospital Chapel                         Sunday, 0900 hrs

               Fort DeRussy Chapel at Waikiki           Sunday, 0900 hrs.


          (2)  Catholic Mass

AMR Chapel                                        Sunday, 1030 hrs

Tripler Hospital Chapel                         Saturday, 1700 hrs Sunday, 1100 hrs, and weekdays, 1200 hrs

Fort DeRussy Chapel at Waikiki           Saturday, 1700 hrs

               Mass on the Beach                               June – Aug, Saturday 1800


          (3)  Gospel Worship

AMR Chapel                                        Sunday, 1200 hrs


     b.  Chapel Locations


          (1)  AMR Chapel, 1790 Bougainvillea Loop, 836-4599

          (2)  Tripler Hospital Chapel, D-Wing, Third Floor, 433-5727

          (3)  Fort DeRussey Chapel, By ARFC Hale Koa, 438-2817


     c.  Other area worship services


          (1)  Schofield Barracks Religious Education Center MPC Annex, Bldg. 791: Muslim Services, Friday, 1130 hrs, room 230; Pagan, Friday, 1900 hrs, room 207; Buddhist, 4th Sunday of each month, 1300 hrs, room 212; 655-3955


          (2)  Aloha Jewish Chapel, Makalapa Gate, Building 1514, Pearl Harbor Friday, 1930 hrs, 473-3971


          (3)  First Southern Baptist Church of Pearl Harbor, 3121 Arizona Road; Sunday services Tongan 0700 hrs; English, 1000 hrs; Korean, 1300 hrs; Micronesian 1500 hrs; 521-4708


          (4)  Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, 3950 Paine Circle, Sunday 0730 hrs (2nd and 5th Sunday each month), 0945 hrs & 1045 hrs, 422-8622


18.  Out Processing: Out-processing occurs on the last duty day, usually Friday. 


     a.  Units OIC/NCOIC will report to the Office of Reserve Affairs for specific instructions.


     b.  Individual service members will report to HRD for specific instructions to follow.


     c.  All service members will clear all mandatory facilities with clearance evidenced by initials of appropriate facility personnel on their Out Processing Form.  The final stop will be HRD, Bldg. 215.





All units/individuals must comply with these requirements to ensure an effective training period:


1.  All health care personnel reporting to an active duty Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) must be competent to treat and/or care for patients.  Unit Commanders are responsible to ensure that all medical/unit personnel are MOSQ/AFSCQ.  TAMC will be notified of all unit members that are not MOSQ so that appropriate assignments can be made.


2.  Assignments:  Training assignments will be available to the maximum extent possible for professionals and paraprofessionals who are MOS/AFSC qualified.  Reserve service members may be assigned to all three shifts (day, evening, night) and/or work flex hours, the same as their active duty counterparts. 


3.  Members of Units conducting Annual Training at TAMC are required to complete the Individual Training Objective (ITO) form which can be found on our website.  These forms once completed by the Service Member must be validated and signed by the Service Members supervisor.  TAMC Departments use these forms to make staffing decisions and create training plans for the Service Member attending AT.  The Annual Training experience and your success, as defined by meeting your goals and objectives, are centered on your ITO. 


4.  To facilitate Reserve Unit/Individual training experiences at TAMC, the following information is provided:


     a.  Non AMEDD MOS/AFSC training may be available at TAMC and in its support agencies. Contact the Office of Reserve Affairs for specific MOS information.


     b.  TAMC will notify Units NLT two weeks prior to AT with personnel assignments.