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Tripler Guide 2015


Unit Welcome Letter

Tripler Army Medical Center




      Thank you for your interest in performing your unit’s annual training at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC).   Reserve Affairs looks forward to working with you and it is our hope that your Annual Training (AT) experience is productive and safe.  To help you prepare for your annual training and to ensure a smooth transition into TAMC, several resources are provided for you on our website. 


      The Information Guide for Reserve Component (RC) Medical Units, Individual Augmentees (IA) and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Soldiers is a 15 page document that provides policies and procedures for RC units, IA and IRR Soldiers who perform training at Tripler Army Medical Center.


        TAMC’s Occupational Health Department ensures all TAMC employees meet the established immunizations and chemoprophylaxis requirements for in processing into TAMC.  A soldier reporting to TAMC for AT must bring properly documented shot records.  Certain health care providers require verification of credentials in order to be privileged to practice at Tripler Army Medical Center.  The current credentialing packet requirements are on the Credentialing Checklist (RESERVE).  


      A training prerequisite that must be completed by all TAMC employees is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) which will be conducted during the unit in processing. 


      A tool provided to help us prepare your unit for AT is the Annual Training Unit Information Package.  The Annual Training Unit Information Package consists of a series of pages within an excel spreadsheet where the unit inputs Soldier data that we use to complete in processing requirements. Units are expected to use the package to track Soldier requirements as they prepare for AT.  It will also serve as the main communication tool between the unit POC, Reserve Affairs and TAMC departments.   A Unit Annual Training Suspense List is also available to help the unit POC/Coordinator monitor suspense items that must be completed prior to, during, and after AT. 


     Access to TAMC’s computer network, requires that your Soldiers have at least a favorable National Agency Check (NAC) and complete DD Form 2875 and TAMC Form 835.  Some unit members will need access to CHCS (Composite Health Care System) and/or CHCS II which is the computerized patient record system in use at TAMC.  Soldiers cannot access CHCS or CHCS II with out first having a network account.  The inability to use TAMC’s network can impact the quality of training.


      Reserve Affairs looks forward to working with you as you prepare for your annual training here at TAMC.   If you have questions remember we’re only a phone call or email away.  I can be reached at 808-433-3701 or e-mail






Chief, Reserve Affairs