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Tripler Guide 2015

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When Clinical Clerkship is Approved

General Information

  • As soon as you have been approved for a clerkship at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC), please take care of the Mandatory Requirements listed below (if applicable) prior to reporting to TAMC and have school send letter of good standing to student coordinator and that you bring all other information described below with you when you inprocess.
  • Any incomplete requirement may delay the start of your clerkship, which may not sit well with your evaluator(s). You may also be required to complete additional training modules related to computer and information security upon arrival. However, these additional modules can be completed relatively quickly.
  • Civilian students needing computer access will need to complete the additional requirements identified below under "Civilian Students."

Mandatory Requirements

  • Letter of Good Standing
    • Civilian and HPSP students must provide a letter of good standing from there Dean of Student Affairs.
    • The letter of good standing should be either mailed to the Department of the Army, ATTN: MCHK-HE-ME (Student Coordinator), CDR TAMC, 1 Jarrett White Road, Tripler AMC, Hawaii 96859-5000; or faxed to (808) 433-1559 or e-mailed to
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) card
    • BLS card must be valid for your entire clerkship. If card is to expire during your clerkship, please ensure that it is renewed prior to your arrival at this site.
    • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) card is not acceptable.
  • Occupational Health Requirements
  • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
    • Civilian and HPSP students, please have your school indicate that you are current in HIPAA in your letter of good standing, therefore eliminating the need to take the online training.
    • USUHS students please make sure bring current certificate of HIPAA training.
  • Network/Computer Access (if applicable) -- If your clerkship requires you to have access to the TAMC intranet and its medical information systems and electronic medical records (majority of the clerkships do require you to have access) then you will need to complete and bring the following with you when you inprocess.
    • Completion of TAMC Form 835, Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at
    • Completion of IA/Cyber training at Click on "Login to take the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training". NOTE: IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS TRAINING WITHIN THE LAST YEAR YOU DO NOT NEED TO RETAKE. BRING PROOF OF TRAINING COMPLETION.
      • If you have a CAC (Common Access Card):
        • Click on the link "Log in with CAC DoD-Approved Certificate Login" and follow the directions on the website and complete the training and take the examination and print out the examination certificate in landscape showing you have successfully completed the Annual DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Exam.
        • Print your certificate and bring this with you!
      • If you do not have a CAC.
        • Click on the link "NON CAC Login". There are two parts to this training.
          • Part 1 is the creation of an account and taking the training, and
          • Part 2, getting credit for IA/Cyber Training (examination).
        • Part 1 – Account Creation. Click on "Create new account" and complete the NON CAC Account Registration and follow the directions on the website and filling in all areas that have been identified by a check mark.
          • User Name; Password; Confirm Password; First Name; Last Name; and Email Address are self-explanatory.
          • For Organization enter "Tripler".
          • For Branch of Service select "Army".
          • For Employee Type select "Civilian".
          • For MAJCOM select "Medical Command (MEDCOM)".
          • For Unit/Business Address enter "1 Jarrett White Road".
          • For Installation or City enter "Tripler AMC".
          • For State, Zip and Country enter "Tripler AMC; 96859 and United States".
          • Commercial Phone enter "a valid phone number for you".
          • Click on the "Submit" button. If you have errors in your application you will be notified of such. If you have no errors and page indicates that "Your application has been entered into our records" and click on "Go to Login page" it will take you back to the page where you created your account.
          • Enter your Username and Password that you created and click on "Login".
          • On the next page click on the "DOD Cyber Awareness Challenge" link under the USER PORTAL MENU.
          • On the next page under Department of Defense Employees click on the link "Launch New CyberAwareness Challenge Department of Defense Version".
          • Complete the training. This training should take about 30-45 minutes to complete.
          • Upon completion of training print your certificate in landscape and bring this with you.
        • Part 2 – Examination.
          • Return back to the main page and click on "Login to take the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training".
          • Click on the link "NON CAC Login".
          • Login with your "Username" and "Password".
          • On next page under "USER PORTAL MENU" click on "Take Exam".
          • On the next page click on "go" next to "Annual DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Exam."
          • On the next page click on the "Start Test" button to take the examination. You need a passing grade of 70.
          • Print out certificate showing you have successfully completed the NON CAC examination and bring this with you.

Civilian Students

  • Who need network/computer access will need to complete the following in addition to the IA/Cyber training prior to start of clerkship.
    • Get a Sponsored/Guest AKO (Army Knowledge Online) account. It is the responsibility of the department/service to sponsor a student for an AKO account.
    • Information and instructions for applying for an AKO account is listed below.
      • Go to
      • Click on the 'I Accept' button after reading the agreement.
      • Click on 'Register without a CAC'.
      • Enter your Social Security Number and click the 'Next' button.
      • Select an Account Type from the list of options and click 'Next' (Unless you are found in a database. Based on the database, different fields will auto fill, and this may change the order of the steps.)
      • Enter the User ID of your sponsor (Example: john.p.doe) and click 'Next'. A guest must enter the AKO/DKO username of his or her sponsor to request an AKO/DKO account.
      • Enter your complete contact details and click 'Next'.
      • Double check your entries; this must match your exact legal name.
      • Enter an external email address (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) and click 'Next'.
      • Enter the contact details for your organization and click 'Next'.
      • Enter a password of your choosing into both password fields.
      • Your password must adhere to the guidelines listed at the top of the page.
      • Choose three (3) security questions and provide answers and click 'Complete registration'.
      • Your security questions are very important. You will need to remember these answers and when performing a password reset, you will need to enter them exactly as you do when setting them up, including capitalization and punctuation.
      • Print the confirmation screen for your records.
      • Your registration is now complete and your account will be active once it is approved by your sponsor.
      • For further assistance with activating your account, contact your sponsor.
    • Eight weeks prior to start of clerkship report to the PRMC (Pacific Regional Medical Command) Security office, Room 1A 014 between the hours of 0800 to 1130 and 1300 to 1600, Monday through Thursday and Friday from 0800 to 1130, to provide fingerprints. You must have:
      • Identification,
      • Completed Personnel Security Investigation Portal (PSIP) Information Sheet,
      • Standard Form (SF) 85P, Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions (, and one of the following:
        • US Birth Certificate,
        • US Passport,
        • Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization issued by INS, or
        • Documentation of US Citizens Born Abroad to US citizen parent or parents (Forms FS-240, -545 or DS-1350).
    • Within five (5) days of fingerprinting you will receive an e-mail message with further instructions. This step is VERY important and must be completed in a timely manner.
      • You will have five (5) days to log-in and complete the Online Questionnaire (SF85) from the day they receive the e-mail.
      • If the application terminates the process must be started over which may not afford the student enough time to meet the requirements for Interim Access to TAMC Networks.
      • If not completed, student MAY NOT be able to rotate at Tripler.

Foreign students (non-US citizens)
Foreign students attending medical schools in the United States who require access to the hospital's information systems network can expect at least a four-month delay in getting access due to required security background checks. The vast majority of clerkships offered at Tripler require students to obtain network access, therefore, please plan accordingly.

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