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Tripler Guide 2013

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Introduction to Clinical Clerkship
and Clerkships

Clinical clerkship information

  • No clerkships are scheduled during the month of December.
  • Inprocessing for all students is on Monday at 0700 (7:00A.M.) in Room 9A 008A. If Monday falls on a Federal holiday then inprocessing will take place on Tuesday.
  • Clerkship application is to be submitted no earlier than eight (8) months prior to projected clerkship start date.
  • Approximately 650 medical students rotate at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) each year. The professional staff enjoys teaching and prides itself on providing each student with a quality education and training experience.
  • Clerkships are generally four to six weeks, but variations in rotation length may be accommodated.
  • Students are accepted for active duty military training or as civilian affiliates.
  • While priority is given to students in the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), TAMC is usually able to accommodate civilian students wishing to schedule clerkships.
  • All students need to discuss their choice of clerkship with appropriate personnel at their school prior to applying for a clerkship as you may find you have conflicts with board exams, school requirements, etc.
  • All students must possess a current Basic Life Support (BLS) card. Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) card is not acceptable. In addition, meet other requirements such as Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, occupational health and network/computer access for TAMC.
  • For medical students who are specifically interested in internship training at TAMC, personal interviews are strongly encouraged at the time of your clerkship.
  • Civilian and HPSP students must have a letter of good standing from there Dean of Student Affairs; mailed to the Department of the Army, ATTN: MCHK-HE-ME (Student Coordinator), CDR TAMC, 1 Jarrett White Road, Tripler AMC, Hawaii 96859-5000; or faxed to (808) 433-1559 or e-mailed to
  • Military students (HPSP and USUHS) are required to wear appropriate military uniform when inprocessing as well when out-processing.

Civilian students:

  • Clerkships will be available between November and May of each year (excluding December).
  • Are limited to a total of twelve weeks of training at TAMC.
  • Must have a Memorandum of Affiliation (MOA) in place between Tripler and the student's medical school (takes approximately two months to complete).
  • You will not be able to train at TAMC unless there is an established affiliation agreement on file at TAMC that has been appropriately signed by officials at both institutions.

HPSP students:

  • If you are unsure of your eligibility to do a clerkship, contact HPSP headquarters at 1-877-633-2769.
  • In addition, please be aware of the following restrictions for doing an ADT (Active Duty Training) or NADT (Non-Active duty Training) clerkship at Tripler.
    • Army requirement: The number of ADT and NADT tours that may be performed at TAMC is limited to one each.
    • Air Force and Navy requirement:
      • Cannot apply for ADT at TAMC.
      • Follow the same requirements as those for civilian students applying for a clerkship.
      • Cannot use military CAC card while in a civilian status.
  • Army HPSP students will be required to take a diagnostic physical training test upon arrival. If you have completed this training in the last six (6) months, please bring proof of completion with you. If no documentation, you will test.

USUHS students:

  • Second and Third year rotations are pre-arranged by USUHS.
  • Fourth year students must apply using the clerkship application form. USUHS Form No. 1304, Fourth-Year Clerkship Scheduling/Cancellation Form is no longer accepted.

Clinical clerkships currently available:

Student Coordinator will:

  • Review the student's request and communicate with the appropriate department/service for official approval of their training.
  • Notify student via e-mail of approval or disapproval.

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