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Tripler Guide 2015
Tripler Guide 2015




  • This clinical rotation is associated with the General Surgery Residency and will involve direct participation as part of a General Surgery team with emphasis in Vascular Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery.
  • While on this rotation, the student will experience the full breadth and challenge of caring for patients with various clinical problems related to vascular surgery and cardiothoracic surgery.
    • The emphasis is on learning how to conduct an appropriate and directed pertinent surgical history and physical examination.
    • Diagnosis and management will be discussed and reviewed. Student should gain understanding of when should a Vascular or Cardiac Specialist be involved in the care of a patient and what can the Vascular or Cardiac Specialist offer to the individual patient.
    • Active participation is expected in the OR, where the student will be exposed to vascular surgical principles and techniques.
    • Will assist in the postoperative care of vascular patients. The student will present patients to the staff Vascular Surgeon during clinic and during inpatient rounds.


  • Each student will take Surgery call every fourth night as part of a general surgery resident team of variable composition, but which usually consists of an intern and a junior resident and a senior resident in house with a Vascular Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery staff on home-call.
  • The student will have at least one 24 hours period free of any clinical responsibility once a week.

REQUIRED READINGS.  Each student is expected to read, from a recognized Vascular Surgery textbook, on the disease process of those patients seen in clinic, those scheduled for elective surgery, and those admitted to the service through the ER. Those resources are provided for students in the vascular clinic.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS.  Each student is expected to attend all General Surgery conferences, to include morning report, rounds, lectures, and Journal Club.

HOW ARE STUDENTS EVALUATED?  The student will be evaluated based on their performance in clinic, the ward and the OR.


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