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Release Number 05-013                                                                                Feb. 15, 2005


24/7 Healthcare access

Tripler has new contract for after-hours care for TRICARE Prime, Plus and post-op patients


Tripler Army Medical Center Public Affairs Office


HONOLULUTripler Army Medical Center’s new after duty hours contract server is Health Care Answering Services. Eligible TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Plus patients should call their Primary Care Manager (PCM) Clinics and follow the prompts to connect to the service after hours.


Eligible patients who have the phone numbers from Tripler’s old contract to Physicians Exchange need to know those numbers are no longer valid.  Patients accessed the old number through their PCM Clinics or by calling 566-5005.  Patients who called after hours for post-operative care to 566-5055 – should discard that number also.  Both numbers are no longer valid for Tripler patients.


Now, Tripler’s PCM Clinics may be reached after hours at the following phone numbers:


Family Practice – 433-3300

Pediatrics – 433-6697

Adolescent Care – 433-9226

Adult Medicine – 433-6641

Schofield Barracks Family Practice 433-8102

Schofield Barracks Troop Medical Clinic – 433-8102


After normal duty hours postoperative beneficiaries who experience problems or acute situations (other than emergencies) up to 14 days after surgery should be directed when discharged to call the Health Care Answering Services at 1-866-303-1159.


Patients will be asked to provide the answering service with their full name, last four of the sponsor’s Social Security Number, the type of surgery that was performed and a good contact number. 


Tripler’s Point of Contact for additional information is Gina Bradford, Clinical Services Division, at 433-5243.


TriWest – Tripler’s civilian managed care partner may be reached at 1-888-TRIWEST (874-9378).


Other resources are available at;; and