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Newcomer Information - Leave and Pass

(Below are questions that previous incoming interns had concerning their move to Ha-wai'i and the Graduate Medical Office response to these questions. Please review the following to see if your question has been answered before.)

I'm not sure if you are the person to address this question to, but this is in regards to the leave policies of active duty soldiers. As an intern, if I had a whole weekend off (i.e. not on call, not needing to come to Tripler to round, etc) what is the radius within which I am required to stay? Would I be able to fly to a neighbor island to see family (I have relatives on Kaua'i) without having to use my vacation days?

You are not allowed to fly to the mainland unless you are on leave status, i.e., using vacation days. You may be charged vacation time for weekends depending on the timing of your departure and arrival. If you return from leave on a weekend day or holiday you usually won't be charged leave for that particular day since these days are not regularly scheduled work days for staff.

As for visiting the neighbor islands, you don't need to burn vacation (leave) time to do so as long as you are not scheduled to work those days. The Troop Com-mand used to require all staff visiting neighbor islands on weekends and holidays to obtain a pass, i.e., a certificate for "free" time off. I will check to see if these are still re-quired. You will need to let your program director know about any off-island travel plans.

Is a pass required for someone to go to a neighbor island during their off-time, e.g., weekend or holiday? TAMC Memo 600-8-10 alludes to off-island passes but doesn't explicitly require them for neighbor island travel during a regularly scheduled day off.

A Pass is not required but always the best idea when someone has to rely on "other" transportation. LTC Pierce

Editorial comment: I would agree with LTC Pierce. The chain of command needs to know that you are off-island in the event you encounter problems flying back to Oahu in time for work. And you do need to keep the Program Director informed of your whereabouts for the same reason.

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