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Newcomer Information - National Provider Identifier

Here are the instructions for your National Provider Identifier (NPI) from the Resident Handbook. See paragraphs 10 and 11 below for updating your NPI address when you leave or looking up your NPI if you misplace it. If you don't think you have an NPI you need to get one! But check to see if you have one first before you reapply.

Please go to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website for an overview on NPI requirement.

The official memorandum directing military health care providers to obtain an NPI is located at the MEDCOM Quality Management Office website.

Residents are required to apply for their NPI number immediately upon assignment to Tripler Army Medical Center if they don’t already have one.

NPI application instructions:

1. Using the online NPI application, you will be required to establish a log in and password. Please keep these as you will be required to update the information within 30 days after a change of address and practice location.

2. Click on the National Provider Identifier (NPI) link for Health Care Providers.

3. Entity Type: Apply for a “Type 1” identifier as an individual who renders health care services.

4. When asked “Are you a sole proprietor?” answer “NO.”

5. Use the following information for both the mailing address and practice location since Tripler Army Medical Center is your primary practice location:

1 Jarrett White Road
Tripler Army Medical Center
TAMC, HI 96859-5001 [Note: This is not a typo—96859-5000 doesn’t work.]
Telephone and fax numbers are not required.
Click “Accept Standardized Address” on the next page.

6. Practice Location: Click “Same As Mailing Address.” Add your telephone num-ber and click the “Next” button. You may have to click “Accept Standardized Address” again at the bottom of the next page.

7. Other Identification Numbers: Click “Add Identifier.” On the next page under “Type” scroll down and choose “UPIN.” The UPIN number is VAD000. Enter three ze-roes, not the letter O. No entry is required for the “Description” block. Click “Save” and click the “Next” button at the bottom of the next page.

8. Taxonomy / License Information:

a. Unlicensed residents, i.e., PGY1 and PGY2 residents who only have their Hawaii residency training license:

(1) Click “Add Taxonomy.” Scroll down, highlight “39 Student, Health Care” and click “Next."

(2) On the next page click “390200000X – Student in an Organized Health Care Training/Education Program – ” and click “Save.” You should not enter your Ha-waii residency training license number. However, if you do the system will accept it. Click the “Next” button on the following page.

(3) When you receive your full, unrestricted medical license update your tax-onomy and license information as indicated in paragraph 8b immediately below. Delete your “39 Student, Health Care” taxonomy code from the system before entering your new taxonomy.

b. Residents who have a full, unrestricted medical license will need their medical license information handy when applying or when updating their NPI information. Licensed residents:

(1) Click “Add Taxonomy.” Scroll down, highlight “20 Allopathic & Osteopathic Physicians” and click “Next.”

(2) On the next page scroll down and click “208D00000X – General Practice – ” and click “Save” after entering your license information. Click the “Next” button on the following page. Do not select your fellowship or residency specialty. You are technically in a “student” status and do not possess the appropriate credential until you graduate.

(3) Fellows and residents doing a second residency may select their primary specialty if they maintain their hospital privileges.

c. Graduating fellows and residents: Upon completion of your fellowship or re-sidency update your taxonomy to reflect your new specialty.

9. Contact Person Information:

Mrs. Dorinda Ware
Chief, Professional Affairs Branch
Telephone: (808) 433-2478

Mrs. Ware or Medical Education Office staff will forward your NPI information to you via email. Please print a copy for your personal records. Note: If you forget and make yourself the contact person, you will need to forward the email message you receive with your NPI to Mrs. Ware in the Professional Affairs Branch (see above) or Medical Education Office staff so that your NPI may be entered into the Centralized Credentials Quality Assurance System (CCQAS). The US Army uses CCQAS to determine if pro-viders have obtained their NPI.

10. The NPI is a lifetime number. When you transfer from Tripler you must update your NPI address within 30 days of the change. You may update your address online or download the update form.

11. If you forget your NPI number simply go to the NPI website, then click on the “Search the NPI Registry” link. Next, click on the “Search for an Individual Provider" link and fill in your name to do a query.

This page is maintained by the Department of Family Medicine, ATTN: MCHK-FM, Tripler Army Medical Center, 1 Jarrett White Road, Honolulu, Hawai'i 96859-5000. Phone: (808) 433-6174.