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Newcomer Information - Orders

(Below are questions that previous incoming interns had concerning their move to Hawai'i and the Graduate Medical Office response to these questions. Please review the following to see if your question has been answered before.)

General Information

If you have your RFO (Request for Orders) you should at least be able to schedule your household goods shipment. Check your AKO accounts for your RFO daily. I believe that the orders are also emailed to your personal email as well. If you don't have an AKO account you need to establish one right away. (Scroll down and look on the left side of the webpage.)

The Finance Office at Ft. Shafter is hoping to get copies of your orders in advance of your arrival. It will speed things up on their end for your in-processing. Please forward us a copy via email.

If you sent them to us already, or we were included on the email Susan Reed sent you with your orders attached, then it isn't necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've been contacted by a member of this year's intern class at TAMC stating that before our orders will be cut, our spouses have to be assessed for Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), and we have to be medically cleared for an OCONUS assignment. I attend USUHS. Are you aware of any of this?

I am not aware of this and found nothing in the orders from last year's interns requiring this clearance. However, the requirement likely applies to those soldiers with family members who are already on active duty. It may be that only USUHS students have to do this because of their current status and not the HPSP students. I'm not sure what the Army does to facilitate this for its new residents who are reporting to their first duty station directly from a civilian medical school. However, we spoke with a couple of our current interns who entered active duty via the HPSP program and they did not recall undergoing formal EFMP processing prior to leaving the mainland.

The purpose of the EFMP is to ensure that required social and medical services are available to your family members who may need them before they are allowed to accompany you overseas. While Hawai'i is considered an overseas assignment, most social and medical services are available here so it isn't an issue. However, there are a few exceptions involving some services for certain mentally retarded patients and organ transplant recipients. I will follow up with our EFMP administrator and try to get more information.

My main questions are regarding my orders. I understand that we will not be receiving our orders until late March/early April...with that in mind, am I able to arrange my flight and accommodation reservations before I receive my orders if I know my exact dates and locations? Also, can I contact the movers to set up a date for my household goods to be picked up (that is, contacting them before I receive my orders)? I am planning on arriving in Hawaii well before our report date, and I would like to start planning and getting some reservations in order. If any of this is possible, I assume I need to call Carlson Wagonlit for my airline reservations, but who do I contact for my household goods? I tried looking online and on MODS, but I cannot find any information. Please let me know if you have any information on this.

My understanding is that you need your orders in hand to make travel and transportation arrangements. You don't need the orders to make a reservation for temporary lodging. However, the partial certificate of non-availability from Tripler Lodging referenced in the temporary lodging instructions we sent earlier consists of a stamped copy of your orders. If you don't have your orders when you call Tripler Lodging and are told a room is not available ask to speak to Pat or Rose so that they may put your name on a list of individuals to be given a partial certificate of non-availability at a later date. Or you may choose to wait and book lodging when you receive your orders.

Your recruiter should tell you where the nearest transportation and travel of-fice are located and provide you with the telephone numbers. You should also check out the "Travel Information" link on the external website that we sent earlier if you can-not get help from your recruiter.

Note: Both Thomas and Connie are still at the Human Resources Command - St. Louis Transportation Office.

1. Any word on how soon we might be getting orders cut? It's getting tight with a 60-day window on getting housing goods/vehicles from the East coast to there by 01 June.

2. Is there any time frame that I should expect to receive my orders? I would like to start my relocation planning. Do you have all the necessary information for me at this time?

HPSP students: Your orders are issued by Human Resources Command - St. Louis. In the meantime, ensure that you have spoken with your recruiter and know how to get in touch with your supporting transportation and travel office. Army USUHS students: Your orders are issued by Walter Reed Army Medical Center and provide specific information about where to call for transportation and travel arrangements. Note: The orders for Army USUHS students were delayed last year and we were told that it wouldn't happen again.

This page is maintained by the Department of Family Medicine, ATTN: MCHK-FM, Tripler Army Medical Center, 1 Jarrett White Road, Honolulu, Hawai'i 96859-5000. Phone: (808) 433-6174.