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Tripler Guide 2015


Raymond Folen, Ph.D., ABPP,
Behavioral Medicine Chief

Welcome to Tripler's Behavioral Medicine Service!

LE3AN Healthy Lifestyles Program (AHLTA Consult: “LEAN Program”)

This lifestyle program is appropriate for adult patients with medical disorders of metabolism or cardiovascular function and for whom current lifestyle behaviors are increasing the probability of adverse health consequences, in addition to healthy patients who are motivated to improve their lifestyle behaviors in order to avoid adverse health outcomes. This is a two-phase prevention and wellness program that helps patients to modify lifestyle behaviors in order to improve physical and mental health and facilitate military readiness.

  • Phase I consists of two days of intensive education focusing upon nutrition, physical activity, health maintenance, and behavioral self-control.
  • Phase II is a behavioral planning, monitoring, and reinforcement component designed for patients who have difficulty implementing or sustaining healthy lifestyle behaviors. This phase provides weekly support group meetings and monthly individual behavioral appointments.

Pharmacological intervention via Xenical is available for patients who follow-up consistently and demonstrate measured behavioral modification efforts. Primary and specialty care managers may refer TRICARE beneficiaries via CHCS/AHLTA consult to the “LEAN Program” after evaluation and clearance for low-to-moderate intensity exercise.

Clinical Health Psychology Programs

Tobacco Cessation Program (AHLTA Consult: “Tobacco Cessation TAMC”)

This biopsychosocial treatment program consists of 11 weeks of psychoeducational and support group intervention in conjunction with 10 weeks of adjuvant pharmacotherapy via varenicline, bupropion HCl, or transdermal nicotine replacement. Behavioral skills are provided in a modular fashion and scheduled for discussion at key implementation points as patients progress across the early, intermediate, and later stages of tobacco cessation. Discussion topics include medication use, problem solving strategies to cope with cravings and increase the probability of early success, stress management strategies, contingency management, alternative rewarding behaviors, and relapse prevention. Primary and specialty care managers may refer TRICARE beneficiaries via CHCS/AHLTA consult to “Tobacco Cessation TAMC”. Interested patients may also call the Department of Psychology directly. Treatment groups are provided on Tuesday or Thursday mornings or Wednesday afternoons.

Biofeedback-Assisted Physiological Self-Regulation: (AHLTA Consult: “Biofeedback”)

This biofeedback-assisted program provides specialized diagnostic services and treatment of a variety of physical conditions. These services combine cognitive-behavioral therapy with biofeedback-assisted self-regulation treatment of a variety of disorders including, but not limited to, migraine and tension headache, Raynaud’s phenomenon, hypertension, paradoxical vocal cord disorder, irritable bowel syndrome. Treatment generally is scheduled in the format of weekly sixty-minute sessions for eight to ten weeks. Primary and specialty care managers may refer TRICARE beneficiaries via electronic “Biofeedback” consult.

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