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Newcomer Information - Personal

(Below are questions that previous interns had concerning their move to Hawai'i and the Graduate Medical Office response to these questions. Please review the following to see if your question has been answered before.)

Would it be worth it to go to the nearest military installation and get my wife started in the DEERS system, or should I just wait until I arrive at Tripler?

You should wait. Your spouse isn't eligible for family member entitlements, e.g., health care, until you report for active duty. Fill out the forms you receive in the packet from our Military Personnel Office (MILPO).

As of now my son is not able to come until the fall. I have been checking on apartments because I'm not sure if I qualify to live on post. Would I still be eligible for on-post housing or would finding a place simplify things? He is noted on my orders. He will be a dependent for only one more year so I'm debating whether it would be worth it to move twice. I assume I would not be eligible for on base once my status changes. If he comes later, would arranging a ticket be complicated?

I believe that you would be able to apply for on-post housing. I talked to the Army Hawaii Family Housing Office and it may be possible for you to remain on post once you move in. But there are no guarantees as I was led to believe it depended on whether or not your neighbors complained about you living there alone once your son is no longer your dependent. It may be worthwhile for you to talk to a family housing counselor regarding your specific situation. Here is the contact information:

South Regional Office
Montgomery Drive, Building 344
Fort Shafter, HI 96858
Telephone: (808) 275-3800
Fax: 808-842-7506
Email inquiries can be sent to:

Arranging for his flight will be very simple. You just need to call the Carlson-Wagonlit Travel Office once you determine when he is to fly here.

I am recently married. If my spouse needs to be entered into the DEERS system should she accompany me on our in-processing day?

Our priority during in-processing day will be to get ID Cards for the interns. Family members will need to wait until later the following week. The booklet that we mailed earlier this week requests that the interns send us family information (including copies of marriage and/or birth certificates). We use this information to pre-register family members in the DEERS system, so the interns can speed up the processing by sending that stuff ahead of time. (Response from MILPO).

I was wondering if my date of marriage—April 7, 2006—would preclude my future wife from being attached to my orders for ticketing purposes etc.

Please see the message below from Ms. Janna Cox, Army GME Division that we sent out in earlier when we asked her about the process for interns to get their published orders amended to cover their spouse's travel if they end up getting married before their report date:


I will need the individual in question to contact me with proof of marriage (e.g. marriage certificate). This document will need to be faxed to me and I will need their spouse's SSN and DOB confirmed. Once all is received as needed, I can request that the individual's new spouse be added to their orders.

Documentation may be faxed to me at: (703) 681-8044.

I detailed this in an email to the students a little over a month ago. They also need to be aware that the closer to 1 June that we get, the harder that it will be to get amended orders to a student before they are due to report. I request any/all order requests immediately upon receipt of the needed confirmations.

Hope this helped. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this matter.

Janna L. Cox
GME Division
(703) 681-4804; DSN: 761-4804
Fax: 703-681-8044; DSN: 761-8044

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