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Newcomer Information - Vehicle

(Below are questions that previous incoming interns had concerning their move to Hawai'i and the Graduate Medical Office response to these questions. Please review the following to see if your question has been answered before.)

General Information

Please coordinate with your transportation and travel offices about your options for shipping your vehicle. Some individuals drive their car to the port and depart from there to Hawaii.

Please review the following link specifically chapter 5 concerning shipment of vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

As far as coordinating the move/shipping a vehicle, will information be contained in our orders as to how to do this or is there an up to date website we can view?

The instructions in the HPSP orders aren't helpful and only tell you to contact your Transportation Office to arrange for shipment. No telephone numbers are given. Contact your AMEDD personnel counselor (recruiter) for contact information. The or-ders for USUHS students tell them to contact their supporting Transportation Division at Walter Reed. This pamphlet should provide useful information. Also, visit this website

I don't believe that you can ship more than one privately-owned vehicle (POV) at government expense at present. I do believe that the rules have been changed to now allow you to ship a 2nd one through the contract carrier at your own expense and paid upfront. Contact your supporting Transportation Office for more details. If anyone has or finds out more information about this please feel free to chime in.

Also, do you know about how long it usually takes the Army to ship our car from mainland to Hawai'i? I suppose the Army doesn't reimburse for a rental car in the meantime, do they?

The Army does not reimburse you for a rental car while you are waiting to receive the car you shipped to Hawai'i. Average vehicle shipment times to Hawaii are: 1) From the east coast: 40 days, 2) From the Midwest/Southeast: 35 days, and 3) From the west coast: 14 - 21 days. Contact your supporting Transportation Office for more definitive information and for help determining the optimum vehicle processing center to use.

Do you know if there is a way to ship a car without orders (because we still don't have them) and have the government reimburse you for it? I ask because I'm shipping from the east coast, and they say it takes 60 days and I'm ready to ship the car now in order for it to get to Hawai'i in time but the limiting factor is my orders. I can't get stuck renting a car out there out of pocket.

I would advise against shipping your car before you get orders via commercial means. You need to contact your supporting Transportation Office to determine if you will be entitled to any reimbursement, if at all. There could be a significant difference in cost and if there is, you would incur it.

1. Considering I will be without a car for weeks, does the Army provide any reimbursement for alternative transportation, i.e. rental? I will need to ship the car be-fore I am even finished with my academic responsibilities.

2. I was wondering if I ship my car from my home of record then am I authorized a rental at my home of record or only in HI? I wanted to try and have it be there when I get there but wasn't sure if I would get reimbursed.

You are not normally reimbursed for your rental car expenses. Exception, from Section U5410-D of the Department of Defense Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR):
Reimbursement of Rental Vehicle Cost when a Motor Vehicle Arrives Late. This applies to PCS transportation. If the motor vehicle of a member (or dependents), transported at Government expense for the use of the member and/or dependents, does not arrive at the authorized destination by the designated delivery date, the Secre-tary concerned must have the member reimbursed for expenses incurred to rent a mo-tor vehicle for the member’s and/or those dependents’ use.

Reimbursement, by law, may not exceed $30 per day beginning the day a member first rents a motor vehicle after the designed (required) delivery date and runs for 7 days or until the date the member’s motor vehicle is available for delivery to the member, whichever occurs first. NOTE: A POV has not arrived at the authorized desti-nation if it is not made available for delivery to the member on or before the authorized (required) delivery date.) The maximum reimbursement is $210.

What does the designated delivery date mean?

That's when the service member sets up the ship dates with the Port of Debarkation (POD), i.e., the agency shipping the vehicle. For instance, if the vehicle is scheduled for shipment on 15 May, and the designated delivery date is 18 May, and the vehicle does not arrive until 23 May, the service member is authorized a rental car from the 18th to the 23rd.

I was wondering if the Army reimburses for any expenses incurred in traveling to the VPC (Vehicle Processing Center) to make our POV shipment? I know they don't pay for rental cars but I was wondering about gas to the VPC, taxi to the airport afterward, plane ticket home (I doubt it), etc.

I sent the following question to our Defense Military Finance Office (DMFO): Can a Soldier coming to Hawaii take their car to the VPC "early" and then be reimbursed for flying back to their home of record to depart at a later date? Or do they have to drop their vehicle off en route? This is the answer I got:

The Soldier would be reimbursed the round-trip mileage for dropping off his/her POV. This would be done on their PCS (Permanent Change of Station) travel settlement. They would need their car shipment information and documents. (Note: The PCS travel settlement will be done at the DMFO here after you arrive. It appears that return airfare to your home is not authorized. I believe that the reason for this is to encourage concurrent POV delivery with your PCS travel, i.e., drop off your vehicle on your way to Hawaii.)

I was wondering if I have to fly from my home of record stated on my orders to Hawaii to receive reimbursement or if I can fly from another city, such as San Diego after I drop off my second POV? I have the number for the travel office as well but I thought I would see if you happened to know.

You should be able to work out a departure from San Diego with your supporting Carlson-Wagonlit travel office. It is cheaper for them to allow you to fly from San Diego.

I checked the pamphlet information that have been provided by you and saw that I can ship by vehicle from certain VPC points, but the closest VPC location for me is located in St. Louis Missouri which is still very far away from Toledo, Ohio. Do you know anyone (any residents) that has been able to ship their vehicles from VPC points that were not one of the destinations stated in the pamphlet?

When I was in the Army and stationed in Indianapolis we had to drop our car off in St. Louis en route to our new assignment in Hawaii. I haven't heard of residents using other locations. But check with your transportation office to see if they know of any alternatives.

I was told that we can get per diem pay for driving our POV to port. Is this correct? Who do we contact?

Check with your supporting transportation office or your installation's Travel Section to verify your entitlements. I believe that you will be entitled to per diem while you are en route to your VPC based on the enclosed excerpt from the JFTR.

Disclaimer: Please understand that I am not an expert. I will check with our current residents to see what their experiences were. Check with your sponsor to see if s/he can lend you some advice.

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