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Resource Management

Mission: The Resource Management Division (RMD) proudly commits itself to providing outstanding budget, management analysis, and manpower services not only to Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC), but also to the Pacific Regional Medical Command (PRMC), Pacific TRICARE Support Office (PTSO), Pacific Regional Dental Command (PRDC), Pacific Regional Veterinary Command (PRVC), Pacific Regional Contracting Office and the U.S. Army Medical Department Activity, Japan (USAMEDDAC, Japan).

Services: RMD provides a variety of resource management related services pertaining to programming, budgeting, accounting, manpower management, management analysis, commercial activities, and Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS), and the management of improvement programs.

a. Decision Support Branch: Provides timely, consistent, & accurate information to the Command for making critical decisions at senior and mid-level management.

  • Branch produces quarterly analysis through a Performance Indicators Review
  • Branch validates data from MEDCOM CMR and works through Department Chiefs to provide detailed explanations of performance
  • Branch manages the web-based Operational Metrics Tools which provide visibility of the Iron Triangle of Healthcare (Cost-Quality-Access) & (Efficiency, Effectiveness)
  • Branch serves as PRMCs interface with MEDCOM for CMS explanations
  • Branch provides data supporting the Balanced Scorecard and TAMC's strategic goals
  • Branch provides specified data mining to support business decisions by request

MEPRS: The Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS) provides a standardized method of comparing the cost, personnel utilization and efficiency of the military medical services. All expenses in operating the medical facility are considered, including personnel costs, supply and equipment expenses, housekeeping, utilities, TDY, and support costs such as police/fire protection, transportation, and facility maintenance. These costs are processed in a standardized format and applied against performance factors, such as patient visits, occupied bed days, and dispositions. This data is used to determine efficiency and provides a means to compare Tripler with other Army medical facilities, as well as Naval or Air Force facilities.  The Uniform Chart of Account Personnel System (UCAPERS) is the Army's component of MEPRS to account for personnel time utilization.

b. Manpower, Management and Agreements Programs Branch:

Manpower: Accounts for the TDA and MOB TDA development, Personnel Action (SF-52 and SF-50) processing and Management, maintains Position Control Roster, and provides work year analysis.  Manages and organizes the monthly PMRT and EPBAC meetings.

Management Programs: Administers the PRMC and TAMC Management Control Process (MCP).  Ensures compliance with the prescribed organizational structure and functions outlined in MEDCOM Reg 10-1; prepares requirement supplement.  Provides data collection and After Action Review (AAR) reports to the Installation.  Coordinates other management programs including the Army Ideas for Excellence Program (AIEP) and Competitive Sourcing Program.

Agreements Programs: Support Agreements, establishes policies and procedures as a means of improving operations, sharing resources, protecting interests, and ensures valuable partnerships remain stable for the future.  The Support Agreements Manager (SAM) coordinates the development and staffing of Support Agreements (SAs), Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs) or Understandings (MOUs) for Base Operations Support (BASOP) and Health Services types of agreements including maintaining agreements for Pacific Regional Dental Command (PRDC) and Pacific Regional Veterinary Command (PRVC).

c. Manpower and Documentation Branch: Accounts for the TDA and MOB TDA development, personnel action processing and management, maintains civilian time and attendance data, manages civilian payroll, maintains position control roster, and provides work year analysis.

d. Program and Budget Branch: Formulates, executes, and manages TAMC’s decentralized budget through maintaining funds control, liquidating obligations, producing financial reports, maintaining resource summaries, and the processing of travel orders. TAMC utilizes the Database Commitment Accounting System (DCAS) as a tool to monitor and manage budget at all levels of the medical center.

For Further Information - Contact RM's main office or contact RM's various sections.

Tripler Army Medical Center
1 Jarrett White Rd,   9C
Honolulu, HI  96859

Tel: (808) 433-6414Fax: (808) 433-9070

Budget Branch: (808) 433-9303 Fax: (808) 433-4686
Decision Support (808) 433-9118 Fax: (808) 433-9070
MEPRS / UCAPERS: (808) 433-9073 Fax: (808) 433-4124
Manpower, Management and Agreements (808) 433-9319 Fax: (808) 433-9093