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Tripler Guide 2015
Tripler Guide 2015


Heart Services at Tripler Army Medical Center


When you visit Tripler, you can park and call 808-433-1200 from your cell phone and Tripler Trolley will pick you up. The Trolley operates from 06:00 to 18:30. You can also use Valet parking on the Mountainside entrance .You simply drive your car to the entrance and they will find a parking spot for you. This service is available 08:00 to 16:00.

Map of Tripler Army Medical Center:

Adult Cardiology clinic is on the 4th floor on the Mountainside entrance to the hospital. As you enter, keep to your left and walk past the pharmacy. You will see a short flight of stairs to the left of the elevators at the end of the corridor. Take it and then walk down the corridor and Cardiology is on your right.

Pediatric Cardiology is within the Pediatric clinic. It is on the 4th floor on the Mountain side entrance to the hospital. As you enter, keep to your right and walk down the corridor, and Pediatric clinic is on your right.

Cardiothoracic Surgery clinic is on the 2nd floor on the Oceanside entrance to the hospital. It is in the Surgical Specialty clinics area.

Where to Stay: These are only a few of the many lodging options available near to Tripler.

Fisher House: this is free to Active Duty, Veterans and Retirees. It is on the grounds of Tripler Army Medical Center. House Manager 808-433-1291x28

Tripler Lodge: on the grounds of Tripler Army Medical Center: 808-839-2336

Ohana Honolulu Airport Hotel: 3401 N Nimitz 808-836-0661

If you are Active Duty or Retired: You have access to all the services that a Military Treatment Facility can offer.

If you are from Guam: the Guam Referral Office can help you with transportation and hotels in the area for a reduced rate 808-228-0242

If you are with the Pacific Island Project we can help you and your translator assigned to you as you are cared for by our hospital. Your translator provides transportation and there is usually housing available to you. You can contact 808-433-3780 for help if you cannot reach the translator assigned to you.

If you are a Veteran We have a liaison nurse at Tripler who takes care of Veteran needs. She helps once you are an inpatient with your discharge planning and equipment as well as travel needs.

Contact 1-808-363-2700

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