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Tripler Guide 2015

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Interservice Physician Assistant Program
Interservice Physician Assistant Program
"From the line, For the Line"
Interservice Physician Assistant Program Mission

To provide the uniformed services with highly competent, compassionate physician assistants who model integrity, strive for leadership excellence, and are committed to lifelong learning.

Interservice Physician Assistant Program Vision

To be recognized as the world-class leader in Physician Assistant education.

The TAMC IPAP Phase 2 Curriculum

This is a Masters Producing Physician Assistant program broken into 2 Phases. Phase 1 is conducted in San Antonio and Phase 2 is conducted at multiple military installations. Phase 2 is approximately 59 weeks total. This includes 2-3 weeks in-processing, personal and sick leave, and out-processing. Also during that time, students will rotate through a variety of specialty clinics in order to gain the knowledge and experiences needed to be a successful physician assistant.

These include (but are not limited to):

Course Rotation Weeks
IPAP 700 Surgery 5
IPAP 701 Dermatology 4
IPAP 702 Obstetrics/Gynecology 4
IPAP 703 Orthopedics/Podiatry 6
IPAP 704 Psychiatry (Behavioral Health) 3
IPAP 705 Internal Medicine/Neurology 6
IPAP 706 Otolaryngology (ENT/Allergy) 4
IPAP 707 Pediatrics 5
IPAP 708 Ophthalmology 2
IPAP 709 Emergency Medicine 2
IPAP 710 Family Practice/Long Term Care 5
IPAP 711 Clinical Elective of Choice 3
Mandatory Elective (Radiology) 1
IPAP 712 Directed Study
1.Master Paper (Phase 1 Grade
2.Professional Topic Presentation
3.Medical Topic Presentation
4.Master Oral Presentation
5.Professional Attributes
Performed Procedures ≥ 120
ER Hours (evening/weekend) ≥ 160 hours
Patients Encounters ≥ 1200 hours

Masters Paper and Presentation Requirements

Each student is required to present their masters thesis prior to graduation. They will be mentored by a subject-matter-expert based on their thesis topic. The mentor will also be available when the student presents their thesis. The purpose of this activity is to identify a research question that the student can further develop by investigating current and relevant literature. By using evidence-based medicine, the student will be able to apply and share what they learned which improves their written and verbal communication skills. This project allows the student to collaborate with a mentor and share their knowledge to leaders and peers. They will also enhance their critical thinking skills based on their presentation to a panel of experts which will further broaden their ability to communicate their chosen topic.