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Finances & Housing



As a military intern without any prior service, you can expect to receive the following approximate monthly payments (2012 pay scales):

Single, without prior service:

Basic pay, O-3: $3771.30
Basic allowance for housing (BAH): $2274.00
Basic allowance for subsistence (BAS): $239.96
Cost of living allowance (COLA) for living overseas: $709.34
Variable specialty pay for interns: $100
TOTAL: $7094.60

Single or married, with 2 dependents (non-military spouse or children are dependents):

Basic pay, O-3: $3771.30
BAH:* $2898.00


COLA for 2 dependents (varies with number):** $885.34
Specialty pay for interns: $100
TOTAL: $7894.60

**BAH is forfeited if you choose to live in on-post quarters.

**COLA varies monthly depending on economic fluctuations


VA reimbursement is tied by federal law to the local market rate for resident pay (i.e. University of Hawaii resident pay). Approximate annual salary for VA residents is:

PGY1:  $56,392
PGY2:  $57,463
PGY3:  $58,225

See our program information on the AMA’s FREIDA website (program identifier 140-14-11-007) for further information about benefits for our civilian residents.

Interns at Graduation
Interns at Graduation


Military residents may live in either on-post quarters or off-post in civilian housing. Typical military housing is a duplex or townhome. The number of bedrooms is dictated by the number of dependents you have. Soldiers assigned to Tripler usually live in one of three housing areas: Tripler, Fort Shafter, or Aliamanu Military Reservation (AMR). Fort Shafter and AMR are both within several miles of the hospital. If you choose to live in on-post quarters, then your BAH is forfeited. You pay nothing for basic utilities (electricity, water). These units are unfurnished.

There is a wide range of off-post housing available in the civilian community. Our residents live in neighborhoods throughout the island, with most choosing to live in urban Waikiki and downtown Honolulu, or suburban windward Oahu (Kailua and Kaneohe). Some residents purchase homes or condos, but there are good rental properties (apartments to single family homes) available, which are affordable with the generous housing allowance on Oahu.

All smiles at Intern Orientation, the Club at Koa Malina (Officers Club), Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay
All smiles at Intern Orientation, the Club at Koa Malina (Officers Club),
Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay

Household Goods


The military pays to move your household goods to Hawaii. Additionally, the military will pay to put any designated items into non-temporary storage on the mainland. This may be necessary if you have a significant amount of household goods, particularly if you choose to live in on-post quarters as these homes are smaller than ones in the community. The military also pays to ship one car from the mainland to Hawaii.


Moving expenses are not reimbursed for civilian residents due to federal law.

New interns take the Oath of Office
New interns take the Oath of Office

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