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Addiction Psychiatry Residency

Tripler Army Medical Center – University of Hawaii Collaboration

Overview:  Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC), a tri-service/DVA facility, and the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) enjoy an affiliation spanning three decades.  This affiliation has extended to reciprocal training of residents (psychiatric and medical) and medical students, as well as to students of allied health disciplines (Social Work, Clinical Psychology, etc.).  With the initiation of an ACGME-accredited addiction psychiatry residency at JABSOM in 1998, the opportunity has existed to collaborate in the creation of dedicated Department of Defense (DoD) training positions.

Particular advantages to this residency and unique strengths include without being limited to:

  • Cross-cultural experience
  • Existing ACGME certification, subject to approval of this modification
  • Existing research initiatives pertinent to the DoD’s mission, in alcohol and stimulant dependence management
  •  Complementary resources within JABSOM permitting the full range of residency experiences required by the ACGME


Introduction: The Department of Psychiatry, University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine, has a tradition of responding to the clinical needs of the people of the Pacific basin, in collaboration with Federal agencies to include Tripler Army Medical Center.  The JABSOM Addiction Psychiatry Residency Program was established in response to both the statewide and national shortage of addiction psychiatrists and to an epidemic of drug use disorders in Hawaii.  In addition the military has a great need for trained clinicians in the addictions field.  Residents are trained to meet the needs of academic medicine, clinical psychiatry, research, and administration in their communities.  Particular advantage is taken of the cross-cultural strengths of the department and the variety of clinical experiences available.  This department is fully capable of recognizing and responding sensitively to military cultural demands, as it has to civilian cultural demands.

Goals:     To train addiction psychiatrists who:

  • Can provide skilled consultation in addictive disorders.

  • Can effectively manage the psychiatric problems of the addict in the face of complicating medical, social, and family issues; and will meet the needs of the addict, in returning him/her to the highest possible level of productivity and over-all health.

  • Can develop administrative skills as both members and leaders of the treatment team.

  • Can function as medical or psychiatric directors of addiction treatment facilities or of consultation services within larger institutions.

  • Will be prepared to serve on the faculty of medical and other graduate health professional schools.

  • Will be capable of identifying appropriate areas of research, will be able to construct preliminary designs for such research, and will participate in a project within the field.

  • Will be suitable for membership in and motivated to contribute to addiction psychiatry and addiction medicine professional societies.

  • Will be sensible of the economics of health-care provision to the addict.

  • Will be prepared to pass the examination for board certification in addiction psychiatry and the examination for certification in addiction medicine.  

Applicants for this one-year program must be board certified/eligible in psychiatry. Applicants are encouraged to contact the site director at Tripler Army Medical Center, John J. Stasinos MD, at (808) 433-6080.


For further information specifically about the John A. Burns School of Medicine and the Addiction Psychiatry resources available through the School of Medicine click on the links below.  The U.S. Army does not endorse these links and is not responsible for the content of these links.

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Addiction Psychiatry Residency at JABSOM:
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William Haning, M.D. Associate Professor
Director, Addiction Psychiatry Program, JABSCOM