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Tripler Guide 2015


 Tripler's Medical Simulation Center

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Equipment & Capabilities

The MSC is comprised of an administrative office (566 square feet), a shared class room on the ninth floor (1,935 square feet) and a newly built simulation center (1,100 square feet) in the eleventh floor Medical Library.

The large classroom on the ninth floor provides an ideal location for large group training activities, such as the suture training regularly conducted by the Army Medics. The eleventh floor simulation center offers enough space for four separate patient care areas, equipped with simulated oxygen outlets (using compressed air) and working suction.

The central control room includes one-way glass for unobtrusive monitoring of simulation training by course facilitators. Funding is currently pending to install a state of the art audio-visual monitoring and recording system.

The MSC currently owns more than $2 million of simulation equipment. This includes task trainers for a variety of medical procedures, high-technology manikin (life-sized anatomical human model used in education)-based simulators ranging from newborn infants to adults, and virtual reality simulators for laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

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