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Red Team: Building 682, 1st Floor
Blue Team: Building 682, 2nd Floor
White Team: Building 683, 1st Floor
Allergy/Immunizations: Building 682, 1st Floor

Red/White/Blue Teams: 7:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.; closed daily from 11:45-12:45 P.M. for lunch and Thursdays
from 1300 to 1500 for training
Allergy/Immunizations: See below

Appointments: 808-433-2778 ext 12
Other: See below

US Army Health Clinic - Schofield Barracks

Family Medicine

Family Medicine Logo


Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
Earned NCQA Level III Recognition in December 2012

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“To provide safe, family-focused, quality care for family members, retirees, and active duty service members. Our diverse services include the spectrum of primary care across the lifespan. We are committed to knowing and developing relationships with our patients, while building an environment where each person, both beneficiaries and staff, is valued and respected.”

“To be the best primary care clinic, providing quality care for our culturally diverse patients’ physical, emotional, and educational needs. We strive to exceed the needs and expectations of our patients. We are compassionate, competent, and caring. Communication and teamwork are key in all that we do.”

Provides outpatient services for enrolled active duty families from the units of the U.S. Army Pacific Command; selected active duty members, retirees, and their families. The Family Practice Service provides care for routine, non-urgent and acute medical problems. Personnel authorized care in the Family Practice Service are:

  • Active duty members assigned to CID
  • Family members of all Active Duty, empanelled at SB Family Practice
  • Retired military
  • Family members of retired military
  • Family members of deceased military

All individuals covered by any of the above categories must be enrolled in either TRICARE Prime or Tripler Silver, and empanelled at the U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks to receive care.

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Schofield Family Practice

Monday – Friday

Closed Thursday afternoon for training

Closed daily for lunch:

7:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

1:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.

11:45 – 12:45 P.M.

Schofield Family Medicine Immunizations

Monday - Friday:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday:
Tues/Thursday Afternoon: Closed for staff training and Allergy Clinic

7:30 - 11:30 A.M.

1:00 - 3:00 P.M.
1:00 - 2:00 P.M.

*** There will be no TB/PPD testing given on Thursdays, only readings ***

Allergy Clinic Hours



2:00 – 3:30 P.M.

2:30 - 3:30 P.M.

Allergy/Immunization Clinic closed for lunch: 11:30 - 1:00 P.M.

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The Family Medicine Service is located in Building 682 (Red/Blue Teams and Allergy/Immunization Clinic) and 683 (White Team). Access for Bldg 682 is via the adjoining Health Clinic main entrance in Bldg 676. Building 683 is between Bldgs 682 and 684.

Red Team is on the 1st floor, building 682.
Blue team is on the 2nd floor, building 682.
White Team is on the 1st floor, building 683.

Each Team/floor has its own reception desk.

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SB Family Practice Appointment Line

SB Family Medicine Appointment Cancellation

SB Family Medicine Patient Assistance Line

SB OB/GYN Appointments

SB Allergy & Immunizations

433-2778 then 1, 2

433-2778 ext 1, 2 during the day
Ext 2 After-hours

433-2778 then 3,1,1,1

433-2778 then 3, 4

433-2778 then 3,1,1,3

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  • Physical exams (well baby, job placement, school/annual/EFMP physicals)
  • Immunizations
  • OB/GYN services (OB care through 36th week)
  • Adult Family Assistance Center (AFMAC)
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Minor procedures
  • Care of acute and chronic illnesses
  • Counseling, guidance, and health education
  • Referrals to Tripler Health Care System specialty clinics

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How Do I Make An Appointment?

Call the Appointment Line at 433-2778, then, at the voice prompt, press 1, then 2. You will be forwarded to the SB Family Medicine Appointments queue for the first available clerk.

You can also request an appointment online by messaging your Primary Care Team via RelayHealth at

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How Do I Cancel An Appointment?

Call the Appointment Cancellation line at 433-2778 at the voice prompt, press 2.
To talk to an appointment clerk during working hours, to cancel and reschedule an appointment use 433-2778 ext 1, 2

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How Do I Get Care Same Day When I’m Sick? Weekdays 7:20am - 4pm

  • If you have an emergency, dial 911
  • By Telephone: Call the Patient Assistance Line (PAL) ask to speak with the Triage Nurse, explain that you are ill now (433-2778 then press 3, then press 1, then press 1, then press 1)
  • By Appointment: To obtain a same-day appointment, you may call early in the morning 6:30am (Appointments 433-2778 Ext 12)

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How Do I Get Care When I’m Sick After Hours?

  • If you have an emergency, dial 911
  • Call our Afterhours Advice Line at 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273), Option 1. The NAL provides medical information, has the capability of booking a follow-up appointment, and can direct the caller to the local after-hours facility.
  • The Schofield Barracks Acute Care Clinic (ACC) is open daily from 7:00am – 6:30pm (closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day). The ACC is located at the U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks, building 684. The entrance is on the Waianae Avenue side of the campus. Their phone number is 433-8850.
  • 24 hour urgent care is also available at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) emergency room (Map to TAMC). It is located in Honolulu on Jarrett White Rd; 20 miles from Schofield Barracks, 30 minute drive.
  • Dial 911, if you have an emergency

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How Do I Get my Child A School/CYS/Sports Physical?

  1. If your child has had a physical examination with-in the past year we may be able to assist you without making another appointment. Call 433-2778, then, at the voice prompt, press 1, then 2.
  2. You may fill out the form your child needs in advance. Use the following links to complete the paperwork before the appointment.

  3. Form-14 School Physical

    School Medication Form


    High School Sports

  4. Bring the forms, your child’s immunization records and any paper health records to the appointment.

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How Do I Get A Physical For Command Sponsorship?

Command Sponsorship and Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) screening is a three step process:

Step 1) Obtain a DA Form 5888 from your sponsor’s unit and complete Part A lines 1-8. This section of the form must be signed by a unit personnel representative (S-1, PAC Clerk or Rear Detachment Representative).

Step 2) A physical exam must have been completed and documented within the past 12 months (well child exams, school/sports/employment physicals and well-women exams count as a physical). If the physical exam was not done at a military facility, you will need a copy of the exam. See the medical records correspondent for help with this. If your exam was done in a military clinic it will be in your electronic medical record. If you have a question about whether an encounter qualifies as an EFMP screening exam, please call the EFMP office at 433-2778 ext 62. If you need to, schedule a physical exam. Please call for appointment. Call 433-2778, then press 1, then 2.

Step 3) When the Exam is complete. Schedule a screening appointment with the TAMC EFMP Clinic @ 433-2778 ext 62. You must bring documentation of your physical exam if the exam was not done at a military facility, and the DA Form 5888 to this appointment. Only an EFMP provider can sign the DA 5888.

For more information call 433-2778 Ext 62 or visit the EFMP website:

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How Will I Get My Test Results?

The provider will notify you of any abnormal results, unless your provider has instructed you to make a follow up appointment. (Please update your phone number). You may call the Patient Assistance Line (PAL) or email your provider using Relay Health any time if you have questions about test results. Providers place priority on calling patients with abnormal results.

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How Do I Get A Follow-Up Appointment?

You may book a Follow-Up appointment in person at the Family Medicine Reception desk after your appointment (you may also do this for same-day appointments). Follow-up appointments can also be booked using the appointment line number, 433-2778, at the voice prompt, press 1, then 2.

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What Special Things Should I Know About The Family Medicine Clinic?

  • Parents with children other than the patient being seen are strongly encouraged to find temporary child care while the appointed child or parent is being seen in the clinic. Child care is available by appt only through YMCA @ Schofield pediatrics clinic call 808-433-8410. A $5 flat fee (cash or check) per child is due at time of drop-off.
  • Parents arriving with children for their own appointment will be asked to reschedule any appointment which requires the parent to disrobe or limits parental ability to supervise their children.
  • Please call and cancel your appointment if you are not going to make your appointment time, even if it is the same day. This will allow another patient to utilize your appointment time.

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How Do I Address a Concern, Comments, or Compliments?

  1. MEDCOM standard is to address concerns, comments, and compliments at the lowest level. To facilitate this contact the Head Nurse, NCOIC, or Team Leader in the area.

  2. On Line Comment Submission:
    You can fill out an ICE comment card on line at WWW.ICE.DISA.MIL from any computer. On line comments are sent directly to the clinic Office in Charge.

    Simply follow these instructions:

    1. Go to
    2. Under the Army column select Pacific
    3. Schofield Barracks (right hand side)
    4. Health
    5. Select clinic comment is regarding
    6. Enter comment
    7. Press submit (If you want follow up please leave your contact information)

  3. You may also address your concerns, comments, and compliments with the Health Clinic Customer Relations Office (Patient Advocate, CRO) at 433-8504.
    Link to web page.

  4. We want all U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks staff to be aware that no disciplinary action will be taken because an employee has reported safety or quality concerns to the Joint Commission.

    Tripler patients and staff may contact the Joint Commission through the following channels:

    Office of Quality Monitoring
    The Joint Commission
    One Renaissance Boulevard
    Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

    Fax: (603) 792-5636


    If you have any questions about how to file your complaint, you may contact the Joint Commission at this toll free U.S. telephone number, 8:30 to 5 p.m., Central Time, weekdays. (800) 994-6610

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APLSS: What is this letter I received in the mail?

We need your help. We are trying to improve the quality of care we give our Soldiers and their families.

Did you know that you may be randomly selected to provide feedback on your visits with a provider at our clinic?

Throughout the MEDCOM patients are randomly selected by the Office of the Surgeon General to provide feedback on how we are meeting your healthcare needs.

This survey is known as the Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey (APLSS) and it is a tool that is used to gauge the performance of all Military Treatment Facilities.

Your feedback, whether positive or negative, is instrumental in identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses. Your anonymous answers tell us what we need to work on.

In addition to improving customer care, these surveys generate revenue for the facility which allows us to update or facilities and equipment.

If you receive the survey in the mail, please take a minute to complete and return the survey so that we can better meet your needs.

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How Do I Change My Health Care Provider?

  1. You may request a Primary Care Manager (PCM) Change at the front desk of your Family Medicine Team or using Tricare Online at

  2. You may also speak with the Health Benefits Advisor also located in Bldg 676, Room 221.

  3. Schofield Barracks Customer Relations Office can provide assistance with PCM change requests as well. The CRO can be contacted at 433-8504.

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Patient Representative/Customer Relations

Interactive Customer Evaluation
Interactive Customer Evaluation

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