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The Safe Place

Performance Triad 26 Week Health Challenge

Tripler Guide 2013
Tripler Guide 2013

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Survival Skills for the Person with Diabetes


Areas to be covered in book while teaching patients survival skills:


What is High Blood Sugar?


What is Low Blood Sugar?


Your Diabetes Medications


Description of Diabetes Medications


How Do I Prepare Insulin Injection?


How Do I Inject Insulin?

*Teach insulin injection technique


Insulin Types

*Ultralente and Lente are no longer available


Self-Monitoring of Blood Sugar

*Instructions on how to use Precision XTRA glucose meter

*Blood Sugar Goals


2 hours after meals<180

Bedtime 110-150

Frequency of monitoring is determined by physician


Sick Day Management

*Key points:

����������� Take medications

Monitor every 4 hours � call if ketones present (only type 1) or if BS >300 on 3 or more tests.

����������� Drink fluids

����������� Call for appt if vomit/diarrhea/fever for more than 1 day


Benefits of Exercise

*Exercise lowers Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, BP and Weight

*Talk to provider prior to starting exercise program


***Place Consult for Dietitian***