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Tripler Army Medical Center Dietitians

Welcome You To The

Nutrition Education Outreach Page!

Tripler Nutrition Outpatient Clinic

Location: Tripler AMC, 4th Floor, A - Wing, Room 4A008, Oceanside
Front Desk Phone: (808) 433-4950
Hours: 0730-1630 Monday - Friday (except Federal and Training Holidays)

Schofield Barracks Nutrition Outpatient Clinic

Location:   Schofield Barracks BLDG 677 (for one-on-one appointments)
*Classes are located in BLDG 673 2nd Floor Classroom, Room 241
**TeleHealth Appointments are located in BLDG 688 2nd Floor
Front Desk Phone BLDG 677: (808) 433-8210
Hours: 0800-1500 Monday - Friday (except Federal and Training Holidays)

Monthly Nutrition Education Classes

Monthly nutrition education classes are available at Tripler and Schofield Barracks. **Soldier and dependents must sign up for these classes; walk-ins are not permitted.** Soldiers can self-enroll in the Nutrition Weight Management Class/ABCP. PCM/PA referrals are required for all other classes. Below are a list of classes and times that are available.

Tripler AMC Monthly Nutrition Education Classes:

Location Tripler AMC, 4th Floor, A - Wing, Room 4A008, Oceanside

  • Nutrition Weight Management Class/ABCP (Active Duty) - every Tuesday at 1330

  • Nutrition Weight Management Class (Non-Active Duty) - 2nd Friday at 1130

  • Cholesterol Class – 1st Monday at 1230

  • Pre-diabetes Class – 2nd and 4th Monday at 1000

  • Gestational Diabetes Class – every Thursday at 1000

Schofield Barracks Monthly Nutrition Education Classes :

Location Schofield Barracks BLDG 673 2nd Floor Classroom, Room 241

  • Nutrition Weight Management Class/ABCP (Active Duty) - every Thursday at 0900

  • Nutrition for Injury Recovery – 1st Thursday at 1100

  • Dental Nutrition Class – 2nd Thursday at 1100

Commissary Tours image Fit for Performance Make an Appointment

Nutrition Class Request

We are happy to come out and educate your Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, or Sailors and answer any questions.

Call or email Tripler Nutrition Outpatient Clinic to request a class.

Phone: (808) 433-4950
Email: USARMY Tripler Medical MEDCOM TAMC List NC Class Requests

POC: Point of Contact
WHAT: Nutrition Class Requesting.
When: Date and Time **The length of a class can be changed by request!
Where: Location of Class and if additional technical requirements to present
PowerPoint Presentation are needed.
How many will be attending.

Soldier doing situps

Classes Available

  • Performance Nutrition - An interactive class that shows you how to best fuel your body for performance, the proper recovery foods and when and what to eat to best support your training goals. **Time frame 1 hour PowerPoint Presentation
Nutritional Supplements
  • Nutritional Supplements - Are your Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, or Sailors unsure about the latest science behind supplements? This class is a brief overview of how to evaluate supplements and some of the most common supplements and their effects on the body. Learn which ones are safe, which ones are flushing your money down the toilet, and which ones are potentially dangerous. **Time frame 1 hour PowerPoint Presentation

  • Weight Management - An interactive class that identifies reasons why people gain weight, risks involved in "fad" diets, healthy food choices, and the importance of exercise in any weight control program! **Time frame 1 hour PowerPoint Presentation


Communicate With Us Online Using
RelayHealth Image
Nutrition Outpatient Clinic
Tripler Army Medical Center

You can now communicate with our office online using the RelayHealth messaging service. Of course, you can still call us, or come in for a face-to-face office visit¾this is just an added option for you. To learn more about this service, or for instructions on how to register, please read on.

Registering for Online Access to our Office
The registration process is quick and easy--it should just take a few minutes. There is no fee to register for this service.

  1. To get started, give us your e-mail address by filling out a sign up card available at the front desk. We will send you an e-mail invitation to register. The e-mail will contain a temporary password and instructions.
  2. Or, register yourself by going to and clicking Register. When prompted, select your provider.
  3. To ensure security, we must Accept your application before you can use the service. Please allow 24 hours following registration for our office to process your registration.

If you have any problems registering, contact RelayHealth Customer Support at - 1 866 RELAYME (1 866 735 2963), or

What Healthcare Services Can I Access Online?
Available services are listed below. Once you select the type of message you’d like to send, you simply compose the message and send it to us.

Consult Your Doctor

Use a webVisit to consult us about non-urgent health conditions or symptoms. In a webVisit, you’re presented with a series of questions about your symptoms and other important health information. Your answers help us determine the best course of treatment for you.

Request / Cancel /
Reschedule An

Request, cancel, or reschedule an appointment online and avoid waiting on hold or playing phone tag with our office.

Send a Note To Your
Doctor's Office

Use this feature to ask routine administrative questions.

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