Instructions for Call-In Refills

Dial (808) 433-6962 to refill your prescriptions by phone.  Please remember, at any time you may press the "*" key to repeat your menu options.  If your prescription refill is too early to be picked up, please call your respective pharmacies and speak to a pharmacy staff member.

Please select your pickup site:

Press #1 for Tripler Refill Pharmacy
Press #2 for Schofield Barracks Pharmacy
Press #3 for Makalapa Branch Medical Clinic Pharmacy
Press #4 for Kaneohe Bay Pharmacy
Press #5 for Hickam Pharmacy
Press #6 for NEX Refill Pharmacy
Press #7 for Warrior Ohana Medical Home Pharmacy

After selecting your pharmacy pickup site, please choose one of the following menu options.

Press #1 to refill or inquire on the status of your prescription.
Press #2 for hours of operation
Press #3 for instructions on how to use the system
Press #4 if you would like to speak to a pharmacy representative during business hours
Press #9 to select another pharmacy location

After the systems states the pickup date and time to pick up your prescription, you may simply hang up the phone.

Thank you for using the Oahu Consolidated Refill System.