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COPE Program

Coping with and Overcoming Pain Effectively (COPE) is a 6-week outpatient group education program for chronic pain, which is one of many recommendations in the TAMC Pain Rehabilitation Program, but it is an important introduction to the program.  Each class is 90-minutes in length.   Each class is focused on techniques to enhance pain control and improve quality of life.  Topics covered include the effects of chronic pain and stress on our bodies, how to reduce these effects of stress, improving sleep and mood, diet and nutrition, remaining fit, dealing with pain flare ups, and the role of medications.  Members will practice in class and be asked to apply the things they have learned in group in the following week.  Family members are encouraged to attend, as everyone in the family is affected by pain in one family member.

Consultations to the Pain Rehabilitation Program are made by the patient's primary care manager and/or other specialty clinic providers.  You can talk to your Primary Care Provider and ask them to place a consult to the Pain Rehabilitation Program.  Please call the Pain Rehabilitation Program at 433-1323 if there are more specific questions.