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Pain Rehabilitation Program


TAMC Pain Rehabilitation Program is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program for people with chronic pain.  Chronic pain is simply defined as pain that has lasted longer than 3 months, no matter what the cause.  Chronic pain, unlike acute pain, is affected by many factors other than the physical injury/problems.  Treatment is multi-dimensional to provide a more holistic approach to the physical, emotional and social issues affected by pain.  Treatment will help you return to a fully functioning life, gain skills to manage your pain more effectively and live well in spite of it.

Your core multidisciplinary pain team will include a physician, nurse and pain psychologist. Other specialists will be consulted as needed.  This  team of pain specialists will tailor treatment programs for your unique needs.

Pain is affected by many factors which may include physical sensations, mind-body connections and lifestyle habits.  Our program includes all of these factors into treatment.  Some of the areas to be covered include:

  • Education about chronic pain
  • Medical review of your care to address additions to treatment
  • Medical procedures as needed
  • Learning a variety of mind-body techniques
  • Learning ways to improve sleep
  • Learning to handle job, family and other stresses
  • Behavioral and cognitive ('thinking') methods of pain control
  • Nutrition:  The effects of your diet on pain and healing
  • Education of family members about chronic pain

Consultations to the Pain Rehabilitation Program are made by the patient's primary care manager and/or other specialty clinic providers.  You can talk to your Primary Care Provider and ask them to place a consult to the Pain Rehabilitation Program.  Please call the Pain Rehabilitation Program at 433-1031 if there are more specific questions.