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Address: Fisher House, Tripler AMC
315 Krukowski Rd. Honolulu, HI 96819
Phone: 808-433-1291 ext 212 (Comm); 315-433-1291 ext 212 (DSN)
Fax: 808-433-3619

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Overview:  The Tripler Fisher House is a “home away from home” for families and patients receiving medical treatment at Tripler Army Medical Center and surrounding Medical Treatment facilities in Honolulu, HI. Families served are from the Pacific area, mainly Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Guam and neighboring Islands. Active duty, retirees and Veterans from all services are helped in their time of need. The Fisher House is nestled on a hillside north of the hospital about half a mile away.

Description:  The houses are comfortably furnished homes donated by Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher of New York. We have 2 Fisher Houses here on Tripler Army Medical Center grounds. Our house is designed to provide 8 families for Fisher House I and 11 families for Fisher House II with a room with bath and TV in each room, 6 rooms are handicapped accessible. Each house also features a common kitchen, laundry room, spacious dining room and inviting living room with a library and toys for children. Tripler Fisher House is a temporary residence and not a treatment facility, hospice or counseling center.

Eligibility and Cost:  Tripler Fisher House helps Active Duty Personnel, Retirees and Veterans from all services that are stationed off-island. There is no cost to the patient, or their family members to reside at Tripler Fisher House. A family’s stay at the Fisher House will vary in length; therefore, we do not take reservations because of the uncertainty of departure dates. There is a waiting list of 2-4 weeks. Upon arrival at Tripler Army Medical Center contact the Social Services Department at 433-6606, or the Joint Liaison Office. Liaison numbers are as follows: Air Force 433-6775, Coast Guard 433-6028, Navy 433-9608, Marines 433-6614, Army 433-6789. Liaison office fax (808) 433-4330. You can also call the manager, at (808) 433-1291 ext. 28 (Comm) or 315-433-1291, ext 212 (DSN) or fax your referral form to (808) 433-3619.

If you are not able to get a room at Tripler Fisher House there is lodging within walking distance of Tripler AMC.

Volunteers:  Tripler Fisher House has a full-time Manager and Assistant Manager, but depends on volunteers and their support to enhance daily operations. All the military on Oahu support the Tripler Fisher House with many acts of kindness and generosity thru either donating a monetary gift, goods or their time, which are greatly appreciated by those away from their personal support system. Call the Fisher House Manager at 433-1291 ext.28 if you or your group would like to volunteer or if you have any questions/concerns.

Donations:  The Tripler Fisher House is run with Donations and Non-Appropriated Funds. Until October 1, 1999, we received support from the hospital with housekeeping, yard maintenance, and repairs through appropriated money. Congress passed legislation which eliminated that funding and we are paying for these services and depending more than ever on donations. We are very grateful for the support we receive through the generosity of Spouse’s Clubs, Military Organizations and private individuals and companies. We are part of Hawaii-Pacific Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #71377). We could not help our families without the generous giving from people, which is a fine example of people helping others in a time of need. There are 65 Fisher Houses and each works hard to carry its share of the financial burden through fund raising efforts of its own. It is estimated it cost about $100,000 plus to run a single house for a year. For anyone interested in helping, Please send your donations to Tripler Fisher House at 317 Krukowski Road, Honolulu, HI 96819. Checks should be made out to Tripler Fisher House and sent to the address above to directly benefit the Tripler Fisher House.

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