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Tripler Army Medical Center, Refractive Surgery Center
Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery

How to contact us:

The TAMC RSC is located on the C wing, 2nd floor, of Tripler Army Medical Center. Hours of operation are 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday (except for holidays). Please be patient and courteous to our front desk personnel as they experience an extremely high volume of calls and emails, while also assisting patients in the clinic.


Due to the immense popularity of the Warfighter Refractive Surgery Program, there is a typically a 3 month interval between attending the information briefing and first clinic appointment. Monthly informational sessions may be added or removed from the schedule in order to reduce the time between initial brief and first clinic evaluation date. Please check the website regularly for updated refractive briefing information. Service specific duty uniform is required for all briefings. Briefings are held in the TAMC Chapel, 3rd floor D wing and start promptly at 1000. Please be patient as the briefing length will depend on the number of personnel in attendance. Please bring your eyeglasses, commander’s memorandum, patient questionnaire, verify document (SRB, BIR, Fleet Temps or SURF pg.1) and copies of the last two (2) eye exams at least a year a part to the briefing.

**Air Force service members please ensure that you have your AF refractive packet completed to include Proceed Letter. We are not authorized to see you without it.

Calendar year 2020 Refractive Briefing schedule:

24 January 2020
21 February 2020
06 March 2020
April- pending
May- pending
June- pending
July- pending
August- pending
September- pending
October- pending
November- pending
December- pending

Briefing Packet (click on hyperlink below)

Oahu Service members

Outside Oahu Service members


Refractive Surgery Staff

Tripler Refractive Surgery Center:

Refractive surgery phone number is 808-433-3089.

TAMC Optometry is located in wing 4G, Mountainside, Tripler Army Medical Center
SCHOFIELD Optometry is located on the 2nd floor of the medical clinic on Schofield Barracks
Schofield & TAMC Optometry appointments can be booked by calling (808) 683-2778 x111
Hickam Optometry: 808-448-6160
KBay Optometry: 808-257-2131 x325
Makalapa Optometry: 808-473-1880 x347