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Academic Curriculum

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Academic Day (Wednesday):

Pre-Op Conference
Upcoming Surgical procedures are discussed by the assigned resident and include history and physical exam findings, indications for the surgery, potential contraindications, surgical technique(s), potential pitfalls, postoperative complications, and outcomes.

Junior/Senior SCORE Series
Core curriculum discussions led by staff, divided into junior (medical student through research year) and senior (R3 through Chief) sessions, covering all core surgical topics.

Tumor Board
Multidisciplinary meeting with Surgery, Pathology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, and Radiology. Discusses the diagnosis and treatment for particular patients, encompassing a wide variety of oncologic diseases.

Breast Multi-Disciplinary Conference
All new breast cancer patients are discussed in this multi-disciplinary forum, similar to tumor board. All appropriate treatment options are discussed and a plan-of-care is established.

Simulation Center Training
Held monthly. State-of-the art simulation training in which resident are introduced to new procedures and techniques, and allowed to improve their skills in a variety of procedures, including intubation, venous and arterial access, chest tubes, endoscopy, FLS/basic laparoscopy, and the MIMIC DaVinci robot simulator.

Morbidity & Mortality Conference
Required academic conference where all surgical complications are discussed. This serves as a forum to discuss complications with an emphasis on continual improvement and learning.

Journal Club
Held monthly. Current, relevant peer-reviewed articles are presented by the assigned resident and discussed. Emphasis is placed on developing skills for critically evaluating the primary literature and incorporating these findings into clinical practice.

Patient Care Conference
Held every Monday and Thursday at morning report. All ED and inpatient consults are discussed.

Trauma Conference
Held once a month in conjunction with other hospital departments. This conference involves discussing cases from the previous month, system improvement, and a trauma oriented lecture.