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About Us
The Hawaii Military Health System (MHS) is an enhanced Multi-Service Market (eMSM) comprised of units that cover health services to Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard active duty members, their families, and retirees. The Hawaii Military Health System (MHS) is responsible for overseeing business, clinical and educational functions of all Military Health System medical treatment facilities (MTF) on Oahu.

Our Military Treatment Facilities

HAWAII MILITARY HEALTH SYSTEM CENTRALIZED APPOINTMENT LINE: Call 1-888-MTF-APPT to schedule an appointment at any Hawaii Military Treatment Facility. (Available Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.)

15th Medical Group Makalapa Clinic Tripler Medical Center
15th Medical Group Makalapa Health Clinic Tripler Health Clinic
Shipyard Health Clinic/
Occupational Health
Kaneohe Bay Health Clinic Schofield Barracks Health Clinic
Shipyard Health Clinic/Occupational Health Kaneohe Bay Branch Clinic Schofield Barracks Health Clinic
Wahiawa Health Clinic Camp Smith Health Clinic Warrior Ohana Medical Home
Wahiawa Health Clinic Camp Smith Health Clinic Warrior Ohana Medical Home
(active duty only) (active duty only)  

Hawaii Military Health System
Average Duty Day Workload

   Outpatient Care
42 Procedures
278 Rounds
7,119 Clinic Encounters
   Inpatient Care
127 Beds Occupied
53 Dispositions

   Labor & Delivery
7 Births
   OR Surgeries
14 Inpatient
25 Outpatient

1,317 Radiology Services
1,579 Procedures

7,265 Laboratory Services
5,101 Prescriptions

One Call is All You Need to access our scheduling services.
1-888-MTF-APPT      1-888-683-2778

Our Market Governance

Shared Service Outcomes

  • Daily Appointment Availability Report to ease patient flow across clinics
  • Clinical Support Staff Protocols to increase patient access to care
  • Physical Therapy Business Rules to ease diagnosis and referral procedures for the patient

Our History

Market Population

Market Population updates:

Eligible Population (Approx): 151,566

Enrollees (Approx): 110,795

Army – 52,738

Navy – 39,837

Air Force – 15,576

Coast Guard – 2,511

Other - 133


Market Manager

Commander, RHC-P: Brigadier General Michael L. Place

Brigadier General Michael L. Place (Army)

Chief Operating Officer

CAPT Paul Toland, MSC, USN (Navy)

Captain Paul Toland, MSC, USN (Navy)

World class patient centered integrated health system

Promote an unrivaled experience of care by leveraging partnerships, technology, and resources, while fostering a ready force and healthy, resilient 'Ohana

“Right care, right time, right place” Contact Information:
Hawaii Military Health System
1 Jarrett White Road, Building 160
Honolulu, Hawaii 96859
Email: usarmy.tripler.medcom-tamc.mbx.mm-hawaii-emsm-inquiry@mail.mil

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